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Google (other search engines available) your username here, what did the first result say?

Asked by ucme (49877points) 2 months ago

Asked before, but that’s okay!

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Profile page for a League of Legends account.
I do not play League of Legends.

KNOWITALL's avatar, an educational resource for children.

Here there’s another KnowItAll from 2009, interesting.

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It showed a link to my profile here but if the names are separated, Little Richard comes up.

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It shows Jake Shimabukuro, a well known ukulele player.

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Mine shows a professional wrestler.

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Jonsblond on Fluther

When I first created my account in 2008 the first google search directed me towards a man in Sweden.

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These are cool, cheers peeps.
@chyna :D

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Well damn, @raum, now I’m a little scared by you.

And yes, @janbb, that is definitely you.

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It keeps correcting me to a constellation. When I insist, forcefully, then I get my fluther account.

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Raiders of the Lost Forehead

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I did mine & it came up We have staff for that
I wonder what it means!

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A tattoo shop in Ormond Beach Florida.

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Performance Coaching and Cycle-fit for Triathlon & Cycle sport. Cornwall, UK.

Second listing is my instagram account.

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A link to a Wikipedia article about my namesake.

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Before I check, I’m going to predict food.

Yeah. I called that.

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On both Google and Bing it shows my fluther profile, which surprised me, since not long ago Google ignored Fluther.

Oddly, the second link shows that someone else used Filmfann as a username on instagram. That isn’t me.

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Methinks someone posted something embarrassing.

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A link to a children’s advocacy center in North Carolina.

“The TEDI BEAR Children’s Advocacy is the largest children’s advocacy center in North Carolina and is accredited to provide a full spectrum of assessment, treatment, education, and prevention to for children, up to 18 years old, who may have been victims of child abuse or neglect.”

I think that’s pretty cool!

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@canidmajor Ha! Not my personal source of inspiration for my username. But I’ll take it. :P

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