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What constitutes a new wardrobe and how should I get one?

Asked by Elfman (452points) August 1st, 2007

Don't like shopping and have little style sense. Some dough to spend but not an unlimited budget. Would like both professional (biz casual) and personal stuff. Shoes too.

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try No need to sign up, just do a quick archives search, you'll find plenty. Another good place too look would be Ask Andy About Clothes ( ? not sure if this is the right address.)

This kind of question is best asked of obsessive maven types; you'll find plenty there.

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easy easy elfman, buying new clothes is not a mission impossible, its something you have to enjoy, even if you previously didn't like the idea. You need some basic stuff than can be combined easily for the casual days, or nights out with your friends or date, i'll give you a couple of tips that you will find helpful.

First of all, whatever you buy, must be accord to your physical complexion, if you are a fit guy, that means anything will look great on you, but if the bear and the junk food has done its part in your body you should avoid horizontal lines and baggy trousers for example, vertical lines and dark colors help a lot to hide those extra pounds.
Beyond the clothes, do not forget the grooming products; the way you have your hair and your skin is as important as the way your wardrobe looks on you.

You will need the following to give life to your closet.

A white shirt; Try to find one without left pocket, is more versatile and can be worn with or without suit, the most important is the neck, it has to be your exact size, and easy to iron, do not buy something very expensive, or very cheap, a mid price is o.k. because a shirt is way more prone to short its life for anything, chocolate, mustard, wine or continuous use. The same rules apply for the black and the light blue shirts, you just need those basic colors to start, a stripped shirt can also be added but something not too flashy, a discreet one makes it good.

The classic polo t-shirt for the weekends or those relaxed days; you will work fine with a pink and a white one, probably a red one also will help, for this items, you have plenty of options to chose from, izod, polo, lacoste, penguin. Never forget to check the size, it doesn%u2019t have to be over or undersized you don%u2019t want to look like you took that from for neighbor%u2019s cord right?

Trousers, jeans in basic cut look great all the time, solid colors work fine, black, dark blue. Be sure that the jeans don%u2019t have fashion trends like degrade effect for example, or that worn out look, if you are old enough you will not like to look as if you just wake up from under the bridge right? For basic trousers, flat ones are the trend now, this will help you to shape up your figure, khakis, a pair of black flat cut, and a pair of gray ones; you can alternate your shirts and t shirts with all this.

A fine belt, that also must be your size, you can be able to use the third hole and only the third one in your belt, a black one and a dark brown one so it can match your shoes. For the shoes, look for some classic styles that can be worn with jeans and with basic trousers, you will need and extra pair for a Monday suit day. For the suits, I don%u2019t know the style you have but a black 2 button suit and a blue 3 button suit both with flat pants is all you need, if you want a lil%u2019 bit of class, get a pinstripe grey suit 2 or 3 button. Also get a couple of casual blazers if you get a black 2 button is cool to start.

If you need more advise let me know.

Remember, you don%u2019t need a fortune, just buy clothes that you feel good and comfortable%u2026
and a good scent, like armani black code...

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I believe manahouri intended to link to and

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