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Among the lowest rated animated Disney classics on Rotten Tomatoes, which one do you like the most?

Asked by rockfan (11002points) 1 month ago from iPhone

• The Sword in the Stone
• Robin Hood
• The Black Cauldron
• Oliver & Company
• Pocahontas
• Atlantis: The Lost Empire

My personal favorite on this list is Robin Hood, with Black Cauldron a close second. While the narrative in Robin Hood is rather lightweight, the animation and character designs are really likable, and the country/folk soundtrack fits surprisingly well with the story of Robin Hood. Also, the animation in Black Cauldron is brilliant, but suffers from unmemorable characters.

My least favorite on this list is Sword in the Stone. The animation is pretty bad; there are visible pencil scratches in the middle of most of the frames, which kind of shows how rushed they were to finish the film. Although, the climactic fight with Madam Mim is a highlight.

Your thoughts?

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Robin Hood, because that fox is sexy.

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Atlantis was the worst, by a long shot.

Pocahontas was the best of a bad lot.

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My whole family loves Robin Hood. Great animation, voices and music.

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The only one of those I could stomach is Robin Hood.
I’d like to Triar Fu…no, I won’t go there!

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Robin Hood, with those songs by Roger Miller.

Pocahontas came out when my daughter was four, so she and all her friends watched it, but none of them would ever choose it over Mulan or The Little Mermaid.

(My daughter is in her twenties now, and she will still watch Mulan.)

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^^ Oh – I could swoon for that hot rooster Allan a Dale!

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Robin Hood! :) I don’t care what it’s rated, it’s one of my favs forever.

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Let’s have a watch party for Robin Hood! I have it on video-casette.

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I quite like Sword in the Stone. Love Robin Hood.

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@zenvelo Thanks. As I said above, that Rooster is Hawt!

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I love Oliver & Company. I think it’s so underrated.

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