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What are the names of the sun and the moon?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) April 23rd, 2020

I thought that the sun was sol, and the moon was lune. Am I right?

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Scorchio & Crater Face.

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Bob and Stephanie.

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Wait, no…

Ray & Rocky

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Sol and Luna.

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In English?

“Sun” is the big bright thing that shines all day.

“Moon” is the thing that one can sometimes see during the day but is best seen at night.

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Hot spot and blue cheese. ;>O

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Ilios and Fengari

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Not sure what you’re asking. In a different language, do you mean?

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@janbb What are the scientific names for both?

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Googling it, I see Sol and Luna but sun and moon are also used in scientific papers.

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Helios and Cynthia

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Yellow Face and White Face.

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The Sun is usually just called the Sun, from what I know. I’ve never seen the Latin “Sol” used outside of poetic or science fiction contexts, but this may be because we have much less cause to refer to another “sun” than we do to refer to another “moon”. “Moon” has become a general term for any natural satellite, so sometimes the Latin term “Luna” is used to distinguish our Moon from the moons of other planets. There’s also the Greek terms “Helios” and “Selene”. I don’t hear those as often, but they are cool. :)

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