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How many people here (rough estimate) would you say you are at least aware of their presence?

Asked by ucme (49877points) 2 months ago

There are those who we interact with regularly.
Then there are some who you may have met in the real world.
What about those users who are in you peripheral vision, so to speak?
I see so many posting on threads with healthy lurve scores & upon looking at their profiles, see they’ve been here a reasonably long time & yet the vast majority I had no clue they were a thing & their names are entirely foreign to me lol

Maybe I just don’t care enough!

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I just did a quick sweep, I struggled to reach 15 & of those, 5 I never have anything to do with :D

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Two for certain.I regularly seek out you and another one here to inflict myself on.

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@lucillelucillelucille The restraining order is in the post & should be with you soon!
Genuinely though, there are so many well established, long termers here I’ve never heard of lol

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@ucme -Excellent! I like pen pals so very much!
When I came back here, I noticed a few new people but less users overall.
What happened?

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@lucillelucillelucille While I admit this may be nothing more than wild speculation, unconfirmed reports suggest many ate their own angst ridden heads.

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I was hoping for more participants here, then I could say if I recognise them :D

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@ucme -Maybe they are here and you just can’t see them.
This has happened before

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Without going through a list of names in my head, I’d say about 20. 20 is what I think of as being currently active.

From the past. maybe 15 more (inactive or deceased).

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I just looked at my “People” tab and figure about 30 or so. There are some folks here I genuinely care about.

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Probably about 25 – 30.
I feel like I’ve been here for years. Actually I have been.
Hello my name is Chyna and I’m addicted to Fluther.

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I am aware of all four of you, although if I was asked to name ten users, a couple of you may be overlooked lol

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My guess? About 20.

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I’m aware of those who make their presence known.

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242/59. Friends and followers for me. No clue on how many regular contacts daily.

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Maybe 40–50, whether we interact or not.

Aware of by personal sentiment or respect, maybe half or less.

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@KNOWITALL I am impressed you are aware of that many, you clearly care more than I :D

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@ucme I’ve been here awhile and have mental index cards on jellies.
In other words, it’s not as much caring as having a curious mind. I file location, religion and geographical locations, sometimes jobs and often political leaning so I can filter their posts thru their particular lens.

Take you for instance, middle class UK family man. Leans conservative when cornered. Loves jogging, family and dogs. No real religious leaning. Comedian.
And most important, you are in my ‘friend’ folder, even though we dont speak every day.
(Feel free to correct your index card. Haha)

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@KNOWITALL You are pretty much spot on with most of that on me, but I will have to take you up on two counts. I am very much working class although I can see why you’d lean towards middle & never, ever call it jogging!
I run dear, I love running & am therefore a runner, joggers are annoying people dressed in headbands, lycra & leg warmers :D

I am proud to class you as a “mate” here though & you’re right we don’t talk everyday but remember…familiarity breeds contempt!

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@ucme haha! Oh well I can take those corrections, pardonez moi! My cop friend here told me the same thing but I keep forgetting.

Yes, we have to keep it fresh intentionally after all this time right?! haha!

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Probably 20 or so

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I think I’m aware of all the regular posters and users who have been here for at least a year. Whenever I come across a username I don’t recognize, it seems to always be someone who only recently joined and hasn’t posted much.

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I’m aware of plenty

With one exception, I rarely interact with particular individuals outside of a thread

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Probably 20 that interact frequently, and maybe 20–30 more that I think about from time to time and wonder where they are.

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