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Who dat?? There's a new member of the 10,000 club! Why, its' Bill1939! BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!

Asked by kritiper (18781points) 2 months ago


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See, this is what I meant, I have never came across this fellow lol
Anyway, congrats, you are honoured by my participation…I just know it :D

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Mazel tov! Your psychological insights are always welcomed.

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@ucme Bill is around a LOT. He’s just not as flamboyant as those who get
“your attention”. ;}

CONGRATULATIONS Bill. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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Hey Bill, ya perv, how are ya pal?
Ucme you’d like him, I think.

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I’ll drink to that ! ! !
Great job !

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Hey way to go!!

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What? He hasn’t been in the mansion all this time? I thought he was on the third floor, west wing. Hmm, guess I was wrong. Congratulations Bill! Glad you are finally here in the mansion. Party time!

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What took you so long? Congratulations! :)

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Wow! Congrats on the well deserved 10k!

Be sure to install incandescent bulbs in your room and the lounge area so you can warm them with bulb heat rather than radiator heat. And remember the 100 Watts of heat you put out when you walk into the room!

Thanks for being here and warming the place!

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Cooooooooograaaaaatssss!!! :)

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Congrats Bill. Keep on keeping on

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Congo rats! It’s always see another contributor in the mansion!

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Bill? Bill?? Oh, jeez…
The excitement must’ve been too much for him…

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Late BUT warm, sincere wishes nevertheless. Congratulations and jubilations to a wise gent.

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Beloved Bill has been much too quiet lately. Don’t we all miss him?

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How did it take so long?

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Where is the man of the hour?

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I thought you guys were talking about @Brian1946. And was thinking he’s been around forever. There is no user named @Brian1939!

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Maybe Bill1939 hasn’t appeared here, because he also thinks this celebration is for me, and not him.

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There was another Mr. Grimm, too.
Now he sleeps with the fishes!

#there can be only one…

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