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Does anyone know of a reliable source of statistics for this (see details)

Asked by canidmajor (18495points) May 1st, 2020

Can someone point me to a place that keeps statistics on the number of collateral fatalities that have occurred because of Covid-19? Not the deaths directly of Covid-19 itself, but the others. For example, people afraid to go to the hospital because they fear the virus or people who can’t get needed medical because of overcrowded and under-resourced Emergency facilities (stroke victims, diabetics in crisis, inability to get scheduled dialysis, etc) or suicides caused by fear, despair, isolation, things like that. Is anyone able to keep track?
I would appreciate links and sources.
Thank you.

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No one would be able to “keep track” of collateral deaths, but they could attempt statistical modelling, for instance looking at the statistics on deaths before the outbreak and comparing to the statistics on deaths during the crisis… but that would be pretty hard to isolate cause to attribute to only the crisis you’re interested in.

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Not helpful. I know that.
The thing is, I know people are starting to work on this, I wondered if anyone knew who was doing the tracking, and if they had posted anything.

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Here i something for New York City

The problem is we are in the middle of this, so no reliable stats yet. Most of it is anecdotal: “so and So died of heart attack/appendicitis/kidney failure because they were scared/hospital wouldn’t accept them/nurse told them over phone to just rest.”

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Do you mean all deaths here in the US or the world over?

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Great question. I haven’t seen it quantified. I’m not sure it can be. We know typical lab tests are greatly reduced. There was a discussion about Quest Labs not doing as well in the stock market as expected. They early on could do covid testing, so it was thought they would have a big boost, but their other testing hit a slump because people aren’t going to the doctor or labs. I myself have put off blood tests I need. I put off going in to see a doctor also, and I really should.

Hospitals in Florida have been specifically telling the public this past week it’s safe to come to the ER and hospital. They reference specifically people waiting longer to come to the hospitals causing more or harm or even death. Hospitals in Florida will be starting up elective surgeries again also.

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I don’t, but perhaps one of these pages will yield some answers.

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Thanks, guys. I understand that we can’t know for a while, but I know that tracking was being researched as early as mid-March.

@Brian1946 I entered those exact search terms in my Google and got noth8ng, I’m glad you got results.Thankyou.

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