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Emergency sex question = Are there any scentless condoms that do not smell like rubber?

Asked by windex (2932points) September 2nd, 2008


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My friends and I had a girls night out on Friday and we went to the sex shop. There were some there that smelled (and others that tasted) like strawberry, grape, and cherry. Don’t remember seeing any “scentless” ones.

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What’s the emergency?

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I’m guessing his partner is really affronted by the smell of latex and windex wants to get some love on.

You could try non-latex ones..

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@allie, how do you know what they tasted like?

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Um.. the wrapper said flavored? Yeah.

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try going with a flavored one or non-latex.

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@Windex: And asking the collective is your idea of foreplay? Local Pharmacy might be quicker, given that it is an emergency.

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Are non-latex ones effective at blocking STDs? I remember they used to have some made out of sheep skin or something, and they let disease through. Are there other types now that are as effective as latex?

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Sheepskin do not block STDs.

“The Food and Drug Administration has approved the marketing of male condoms made of polyurethane for people allergic to latex.

“Male condoms now sold in the United States are made either of latex (rubber), polyurethane or natural membrane (called “lambskin,” but actually made of sheep intestine). Scientists found that natural skin condoms are not as effective as latex condoms in reducing the risk of STDs because natural skin condoms have naturally occurring tiny holes or pores that viruses may be able to get through. Only latex condoms labeled for protection against STDs should be used for disease protection, unless one of the partners is allergic to latex. In that case, a polyurethane condom can be used.” (FDA link)

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That’s like asking if there’s paper than doesn’t smell like paper or leather that doesn’t smell like leather…it is what it is.

So windex, spill, what’s the big emergency?

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Condoms aren’t completely safe. I knew someone who was wearing one and got hit by a bus.

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The polyurethane ones

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@AstroChuck Jude’s question lead me to this one. I was just trying to figure out how the bus and the condom arrive at the same place?

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Destiny, of course.

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