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What good thing do you have too much of?

Asked by Jeruba (49807points) 3 months ago

For instance:

Socks, jewelry, canned milk. Books. Electronic devices.

Relatives. Hobbies. Cats.

Plans, ideas.


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Stubbornness and relentless pursuit of perfection.

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Books, jewelry, clothes, craft stuff (although crafters will tell you that you need to keep a lot of craft stuff on hand, or else you’ll be buying it anyway at the last minute).

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Since the COVID has kept everything cooped up, all my girlfriend and I do is watch SMALLVILLE all night on HULU (5–8 episodes per night), sleep, and I make a run to Walmart just before closing time. And I feed the birds. But about 12 hours per day is spent sleeping.

I feel bliss and anxiety at the same time, but have become addicted to streaming Smallville and spending the rest of the time sleeping.

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One can never have too much of a good thing.

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I agree with Patty. :)

Photographs. I have my mother’s collection as well as my own. I have thousands stored in boxes.

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Unread books. I am unlikely to live long enough to read all the books I have acquired and not yet read.
And funky fabric, but I am chipping away at that making masks for the staff at a nearby hospital.

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Wonderful! You know, you could also donate those books to some bored, stuck alone people.

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I donate masses of books all the time, especially now that I have an ereader, but there seems to be no end to them. :-)

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China. I have my own set, plus I took my mother’s when she could no longer live in her house. In addition, I’d had my grandmother’s china. A few months ago, I gave away Nana’s set; enough is enough, and letting someone else use and enjoy the items is much better than keeping them boxed and stored.

Flatware and service pieces. Again, I had my own sterling pattern, and I had to take Mom’s set. I also have a smaller, collection that I received as a gift.

I haven’t decided what to do about all this surplus. As older generations downsize or pass away, consignment shops, antique stores, and eBay are overloaded with the treasures people leave behind.

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Books, number one. I buy them constantly. At library sales I can get a good quality paperback for $1 and a hardcover for $2. That means I’ve accrued quite the collection. I also have plenty of records and CDs (I like physical audio). I probably have too many hoodies too…

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Clothes, books and clay.

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game design ideas
pictures of cats
1980’s Atari stuff
clothes that will fit if I lose a couple of inches off my waist
lichen-covered twigs and branches
cardboard boxes
toilet paper rolls filled with drier lint

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Cables… USB cables, power cords, etc.
I am a pack rat and into electronics… the combination is the perfect storm for accumulating too many cables!

I just went through the heap recently and threw out (recycled) a large box of cables, including:
S-video (remember S-video?!?), ethernet cables (RJ-45 connectors), coax cable TV cables, SCSI II and III cables, several redundant power cords, telephone (RJ-11 connectors),audio cables with ‘RCA’ plugs, specialized weird cables made for equipment I don’t have any more.

There remain at least two boxes worth of cables of various kinds, if I need a U.S. power cord I can chose from among three shades of putty, two shades of grey, and three styles of black.

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Also books!
Thankfully my wife is putting unwanted books on ebay for sale cheap and some are moving.
I took the opportunity to let go over half the books I had, but still have more than I will get a chance to read.

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Sex appeal
Pure handsomness
Self modesty
Ping pong balls
Sports socks

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