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What single frame images from film are instantly recognizable?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) May 4th, 2020

The poster from Jaws is an example.
What have you got?

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The Scarface poster.

Tony Manero on the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever.

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@jca2 -Both good ones!
My sister in laws like when I Photoshop them into different things.

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Rick saying goodbye to Ilsa.

Richard Dreyfuss making a model of the Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes.

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@zenvelo -Thanks! My sister in laws like when I Photoshop them into movie scenes.
Need new material… and these might work :)

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Cesare the somnambulist carrying Jane.
It really depends on what you’ve seen, and how good your visual memory of it is.

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Zapruder – JFK being assassinated.

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Gregor Mendel puppeteering dead cats in Felidae.

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King Kong on the Empire State Building .

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@elbanditoroso &ragingloli- I wont put them into any violent images as I love them and like to use my powers for good, damnit! ;)

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@chyna -I did that one Lol!

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You mean instantly recognizable in the general population? I’d recognize hundreds, as I suppose any movie lover would, but most of them would be unfamiliar to a present audience.

How about Rhett and Scarlett on the dance floor?

The foursome on the Yellow Brick Road, or dozens of other images from the same movie.

Maybe the witch-queen offering Snow White the poisoned apple.

Afterthought: Those movies came out in 1939, 1939, and 1937, respectively. That seems significant somehow.

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@Jeruba -Instantly recognizable.
I’ve done Rhett & Scarlett but The Wizard of Oz is a good one.flying monkeys lol

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Fred Flintstone

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@Tropical_Willie -My sister in law had a motorcycle at one time so that image is pretty funny to me. :)

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You’ve probably done the Titanic .

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I’ve also put them in paintings. They were recently at Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

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ET with his protuding finger, glowing at the tip.
Dr.Ruth anyone?

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@ucme- I put my hub in the bicycle scene.
Dr Ruth? Someone needs to get interviewed.

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Dr.Ruth, or as I like to call her…Woody Allen caught in a toaster!

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Mary Poppins gliding to a graceful landing with her umbrella.

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Marlon Brando on a motorcycle.
Marlon Brando in the taxicab with Rod Steiger.
Marlon Brando in his office with Robert Duvall and James Caan.
Marlon Brando yelling “Stella!”

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My fond memories predate many here…
Bambi OR Mickey Mouse (couldn’t find the original poster)
OR the more mature Sound of Music

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@ucme -My husband had ET in the basket of his bicycle.
Dr Ruth! Someone’s going to get interviewed. XD

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@LadyMarissa -One of them has been in the field as Julie Andrews. :)

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s what I figured but I was trying to pull my ideas out of the cartoon train of thought. I thought about The Shining but that was way too spooky!!!

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Marilyn Monroe 7 Year Itch “flying skirt”
Home Alone’s open mouth, hands on face
The Shining Jack Nicholson in the door “Here’s Johnny”

Far too many to list but fun question!

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@KNOWITALL -Marilyn’s is perfect!
I usually put their heads on someone or in a scene.
Dancing with Austin Powers cracked me up.

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Frozen – Elsa and Anna.

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@jca2 -Another good one! They are sister’s after all:)

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@Caravanfan -Lawrence was beautiful.

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Titanic when Leonardo and Kate are on the front of the boat with their arms outstretched and the wind in their hair.

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@jca2 -I’ve done that one already. I sould do one where she’s drawing a nude Leonardo…or maybe not. lol

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The lady frolicking in The Sound of Music

Mary Poppins flying with her umbrella

The Clockwork Orange guy being forced to watch violent films

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Jack in The Shining, after he axed the door and put his face through. “Heeere’s Johny!”

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Professor Snape locked in wand battle with Professor McGonagall.
So many Harry Potter scenes. Harry and Hermione about to use the time turner.

“Master has given Dobbie clothes.”

Not MY daughters, you bitch! (epic effing moment, worth watching whole collection just for that.)

Hermione dancing with Harry (bittersweet)

Dolores Umbridge seated in front of her wall of kitty plates

Luna walking with Harry in a Hogwarts corridor, her shoes hanging from the ceiling.

This from Ten Commandments

This one of my all time favorite movie moments.

This there are better views, but not in small segments.

Alice talking to the caterpillar, and the hookah billowing smoke.

Alice and the queen playing croquet.

There are lots of great movie moments. I don’t see any reason to do only one per movie, though.

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@Patty_Melt I have done a few of those already but cartoons I have yet to do.
When I saw your Ten Commandments suggestion, I couldn’t help but think of Yvonne “There’s a man amongst the sheep!” DeCarlo. XD
That is a possibility

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Superman and Lois Lane flying. ( Chris Reeve and Margot Kidder )

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Indiana Jones looking back at the boulder rolling down towards him.

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