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If you were a successful actor, but not an A list star like Tom Cruise or Scarlet Johansson, how do you think you’d deal with being a B list celebrity?

Asked by rockfan (12964points) May 5th, 2020 from iPhone

I’m asking this question because I often see my favorite actor, Steve Zahn, at my local grocery store. Even though he’s been in Oscar nominated films and voiced characters in blockbuster action movies, I’m guessing that 50–60% of people who see him in public wouldn’t recognize him. So, putting myself in his shoes, and being completely honest, I’d probably enjoy 1 or 2 people coming up to me and saying something along the lines of “I really enjoy your work.” I told him that exact compliment last year, and he replied “Oh, I’m not Steve Zahn. People tell me that I look like him though.” One month later a cashier at Kroger told him how much he liked him in Stuart Little 2, and Zahn gave him a really sly look.

And to be fair, I wasn’t offended or anything that he pretended to be someone else, because I understand why he’d want to be left alone and treated like a regular person. Your thoughts?

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If I was an actor, I would be glad to be working enough at my chosen profession enough to keep working.
I have known a number of actors, most don’t go into it to be big names, they go into it to work in acting.

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Years ago, Fairfield, Iowa was getting some celebrity traffic because the maharishi had a temple there. Several actors were into TM, and would go there for a boost.
I waited on Paul Hogan at Hardee’s. I squealed, and made a scene. He did the same, claiming he knew the bloke before he got famous. I went with it. Fairfield behind not much but a village wedged between corn fields, not many Aussies come through, so, I knew it was bull.
After work I was taking a breather at the park in town square. He walked by, ad noticed me. He stopped to chat. I told him I wasn’t fooled, but I wasn’t the sort to mess with someone’s desire for privacy. He was amiable, but stuck to his “cover”. I got him to talk about the real Crocodile Dundee.
Here is Fairfield.

I have seen a few interviews with stars who get a kick out of playing the look alike game.
Sometimes they do it to see how the person talks about them if they don’t know. “You’re much better looking”, and that sort of thing.

When my work becomes famous, I still won’t be. That will be fine with me. I’d be okay with signing some autographs, but in over five decades people have not rushed to know me, so if I were to become famous now, it would be nothing more than the lust to know a celebrity. I wouldn’t feel especially anxious to fill my tie with that.

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SO much more privacy than those A listers. What could be wrong with that??

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I’d be fine with it.

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I’d deal with it all the way to the bank.

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Was he the one in You’ve Got Mail and Sahara? If I’m right then I give myself credit. I enjoy remembering Hollywood lesser known names if not total unknowns and films they were in. I shed some tears for them when they show up in that remembrance video at the end of the Oscars.

Most probably I wouldn’t mind so much just being a B list actor as long as I got enough films to be financially stable.

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One of my favorite actors, Maurice Ronet, is a B-actor. The people who know him happen to belong to a very niche group of art movie fans. And his acting is awesome.

So yeah, there will always be someone who genuinely like you, and I think that would be enough.

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It wouldn’t matter. At the end of the day we’re all equal.

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I would think I’d be ok with it but each person is different and maybe he just likes being incognito. Maybe he just wants to get his coffee and leave without the pleasantries and small talk.

I’m fine with small talk but that doesn’t mean I always like to do it. People tell me I am a natural at it, but it can be a pain.

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I’d say that was the list to B on.

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Steve Zahn was great in Out Of Sight and That Thing You Do!

I imagine these days are wonderful for celebrities. They can put on a face mask and be able to walk around like normal people.

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@filmfann: Probably better because they don’t have to go out to the set or anything, so they’re just around their houses and neighborhood.

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