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What is your internet connection speed and how much are you paying for the service?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40061points) May 6th, 2020

I’m paying Spectrum $90 per month for “Extreme” enhanced Internet service.
When I check my speed with I get results like:
Download: 40.5 Mbps
Upload: 6.8 Mbps
Latency: 100 ms

What are your speed results and how much are you paying?

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My modem reports 89 Mbit/s down, 35 Mbit/s up, for 45€ a month.
Your test site gives me 88, 34, and 26ms latency.

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I pay about $75 for 250 MB/s down and about 40 up

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I got:
Download 290.41
Upload: 12.49
Latency: 18

I pay a total of 200 a month for internet, phone and cable. Cable I don’t have a premium package with HBO and other premium channels.

When I moved here, 20 years ago, it was 75 dollars a month for cable, internet and phone. Phone, I could call anywhere in the NY, NJ, CT area (NY Metro area) – 914, 845, 212, 518, 718, 203, 201 area codes, for free, unlimited. Then they changed it by adding on $20 per month for unlimited, anywhere in the country, which I didn’t use because very rarely, almost never do I call anywhere else in the country. However, this change with the new fee was mandatory, not optional. It was originally a local cable company, Susscomm.

Then it was bought by Comcast and the price went up. I called about 8 months ago and told them I needed to keep it under 200 a month, and I discussed how I wanted basic cable. They don’t have basic cable, which I think is a scam to suck money out of customers. I then said give me something that doesn’t include HBO and other premium channels.

Now I never use the house phone but it’s part of the bundle.

I recently signed up for Netflix and Disney+ (which includes Hulu which includes lots of HBO documentaries and movies so I’m good).

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Mine Husband
12.3 download 54
6.56 upload 6.5
82 latency 21

He has a better processor & wireless card but he tells me that I’m not putting a high quality gasoline in mine.
We pay around $68 a month.

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@lucillelucillelucille Your wireless adapter could use an upgrade.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me -Thanks.
My husband thinks anything more than 5 mbps at this time is a waste as we’re able to stream anything we want at far less.
I would be alright if it could not stream some of the movies he picks but I can’t have it all i guess. lol

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I’m also with Spectrum. They claim my download is at 300 but they don’t give stats on the upload or latency in my package info. Using your site, I’m registering at

60 download
11 upload
139 latency

I had done a speed test about 3 days ago on another site and it showed 101, 14, 67.
Just for fun, I just went to the Spectrum speed test page and it showed 80,11, latency not shown.
I pay $50/mon for high speed internet. I’m using a laptop about 3 rooms away from the router if that makes any difference

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Spectrum/TWC bundle $200 with my own wireless switch

60 down
12 up
38 latency
Wireless connection

260 down
50 up
20 latency
Ethernet direct to switch

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Mine says download 34.3 mbps right now. It fluctuates a little.

Upload 19.6 mbps

Ping 5 ms

Jitter 6.8 ms

I pay $65 a month for internet and phone plus tax.

Edit: I just did it again and it was 39.5 and 19.7.

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Down: 84 Mbps
Up: 15 Mbps
28ms latency

I pay a flat $99 a month for Comcast Business. I bought my own modem (CM700) and router (google wifi pucks X3).

I went with Comcast Business since Comcast instituted a 1TB a month data cap and wanted $50 a month for unlimited. So just with the normal residential internet plus the 50 for unlimited I was looking at $129 per month. So by going with business I saved 30 a month and the Comcast business tech support people aren’t constantly trying to up-sell you..

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You people are getting robbed.

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@ragingloli How are we getting robbed?

I know I’m NOT because there are two other internet providers in my town, city is an internet network that has fiber optic 1 gig (but no News and weather) and regular phone company with TV provided by DirecTV !

Our prices are some of the lowest in the region.

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Comcast has me at 85.65 down load, 13.09 upload.

I pay $220 a month for bundled Cable plus premium HD channels, internet, and voice..

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I am definitely paying too much! I’ll see if there are alternatives.


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Good grief! I might as well use a dial up modem!
Download 6.34 mbps
Upload .8
Latency 40 ms
Frontier 63.97 a month

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Are all of you checking at your router or using your router’s wifi?
You could have gigbit service and only see 8mb/s because you’re using a dated adapter for wifi.

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^^I’m using an app on my phone to check the speed.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Good point. i am testing using my wifi. I’ll plug in via ethernet later and let you know.

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@JLeslie When I check with my phone I only get 18MB/s it uses the old 2.4ghz band (for range) and has a slow but power efficient wifi chipset. I know at my router I have at minimum 250MB/s if not 300.

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Mine is fiber optics not cable. I just googled my provider and it looks like maybe I should be getting 100 mbps not 40. The link says some places you can get 940 mbps. Is that 5g? Here’s the link.

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Fiber to your router?? I have yet to see that in person for residential but I know it’s happening in a few areas.

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^^I don’t know. Lol. Can you tell by the website I linked? I don’t know the technology well enough. Can I tell by looking at the wires? I have the one main TV and then the rest I just plug into the electrical outlet, that’s all WiFi I guess? The router plugs into the phone jack and an electrical outlet.

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Phone jack is usually DSL “digital subscriber line.” Your speeds look faster than that though. Like a cell phone connected to 4g and not wifi.

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I can send you a photo of the connection if you are curious. The way I remember it we have fiber optics lines. The house is 4 years old. We don’t have any copper lines for phones.

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I think @JLeslie using a cellphone with mobile data.

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No. I’m talking about my TV, internet and home phone. Nothing to do with my cell phone. When I’ve tested through my laptop the speeds are usually the same. I haven’t tried it through an Ethernet connection in a long time though.

I did test on my cell phone while connected to my WiFi, but my computer uses the same WiFi.

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Okay, sounded like the speed I get on my cell on mobile data.

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I see:
Download: 5.97 Mbps
Upload: 0.73 Mbps
Latency: 105 ms

I’m paying $39.00 / month. It’s a DSL connection.

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I average about 900Mbps down and up (I have fibre to the home and the upload speed is always about the same as download speed).
I pay £47 a month.

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@Lightlyseared Oh my!!!! That is incredible. I’m jealous.
I hope you’re doing something great with all the horsepower!

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@LuckyGuy not really :) other than being amused how quickly steam can download – 100Gb game will be done in about 20 minutes and the rest of the house won’t be complaining that netflix isn’t working.

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