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Advice on folding clothes?

Asked by Shaylee12234 (20points) May 8th, 2020 from iPhone

I have a dress, a graduation gown, some shoes, and even a graduation cap I need to stuff into a backpack. I would rather them not get wrinkled, so is there any advice one could give as to how I should fold them to avoid getting wrinkles? Thanks a ton!

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Use a t-shirt or yoga pants or pajamas that you are bringing with you anyway, and fold or roll the garment around the t-shirt. Lay the gown down on the bed or a table. Lay a t-shirt flat on top of it. Fold the gown to a manageable size with the t-shirt inside the fold and then roll the garment. The t-shirt keeps the garment from getting fold marks.

If you can’t fit the extra shirt or pants you can still roll.

Get where you are going early and put a little water on your hands and dampen the wrinkles so they come out.

AshlynM's avatar Not sure if any of these methods would work for you.

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As suggested by @JLeslie, rolling is your friend. I learned this decades ago as a traveling repair tech (150k air miles one year, oof!).

Fold minimally to get into a shape that you can roll, then roll it up.
Rolling more delicate things with something else helps so that first part isn’t rolled super-tightly.

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@JLeslie is right. You gotta know when to fold ‘em, know when to roll ‘em, know when to walk away…I’ll do that right now

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I’m also a fan of rolling!!! Just make sure to remove the clothes from the backpack & hang them up just as soon as you get where you’re going.

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Do what @JLeslie said, and then turn on a hot shower with the clothes hanging in the bathroom. The steam will get out any small wrinkles.

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I’m just going to wish you a delightful graduation experience.

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