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Do you believe trickle down works?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20610points) May 8th, 2020

Problem I have seen the upper class have really good plumbers and it all just stays at the top.

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It is magical thinking, just like the mythical “invisible hand of the free market”.
Even if you assume that these things exist, the reality is that the participants will do their utmost to combat these “forces”, and as a minority amasses power and leverage, the easier it becomes for them to do it.

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This is a ‘straw man’ argument or false dichotomy of a far-left economic position.

In effect, your argument contrasts your side with a misdefined alternate position. “Trickle Down” economics does not exist in reality.

It is also interesting how, demographically speaking, the wealthiest populations and individuals are democrat.

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The only real trickle down is when a rich person stands on your roof and pisses on your head.

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Look around right now, people are not paying bills because they have no paychecks. Where do those come from, the business owners.

So yes, to a degree I do believe it works for a lot of us.

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It works VERY WELL for those pushing it, which is why it never goes away, but recurs with the regularity of organized crime. The fallacy of the hoax behind it has by now proven so obvious that the term is universally recognized as pejorative: always a scheme to fatten the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Just as Ponzi schemes have been disguised behind more palatable descriptions such as “multilevel marketing”, trickle down schemes are always trotted out behind such verbiage as “economic stimulus” or “regulatory easing”. There are dozens of creative code phrases for “the swindle is on”.

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@Yellowdog. There’s nothing straw man or false dichotomy about it. And of course there are Democrats who ( like casino owners) get rich in the exploitation of “losers”. They can stand at the door and tell you (like Buffet, Soros & Gates) that the system is designed to screw you to their benefit. I’m telling you now without fear that you’ll catch on: the rich are out to screw you. And I can salve my conscience all the way to the bank. After all, “I told you”.

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This has nothing to do with Left vs right, trickle down doesn’t work and the warm story as how it works doesn’t work any more either.

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That’s exactly right. It’s a casino. The OWNERS see to it that it is designed that they win. There are those who own it who will admit it. Then there are those who will divert your attention to how much they “pay out” .

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No. In all the “trickle downs” I’ve lived through, none of them has ever affected me.

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Yes it does work, and the numbers are clear as day
“The triumph of supply-side economics”
“Trump’s booming economy can’t be denied, and his daughter Ivanka can take some credit
The results are now in: A huge jump in the GNP, booming job growth, the lowest unemployment rate in decades (especially among blacks and Hispanics), a surge in business investment, jobs and the labor participation rate, rising wages, explosive growth in wealth for millions of American workers and retirees with 401k savings plans, etc.”
“Another example of the failure of Keynesian economics”
“Simply stated, you don’t get more growth by expanding the size and scope of government. When will that finally sink in?”
“Nope, Paul Krugman’s Still Wrong About Supply Side Economics”

“Sorry, Obama Fans: Reagan Did Better on Jobs and Growth”

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You can believe the Washington Times if you choose. Trump’s supposed success and rosy economy belies what I and everyone I know actually lives—and the rather discouraging evidence for those of us here on the ground. And this assessment prevailed prior to the current epidemic. The ACTUAL consequences of supply side economics beginning with Reagan can be gauged with those statistics around the middle and working classes, the decline of which is both striking and undeniable. For example, it is no coincidence that our galloping homeless problem commenced with the Reagan trickledown boom, nor the fact that the philosophy conveniently facilitated the wholesale deindustrialization of the country, directly enriching those at the top at the direct and irreparable expense of those who work for a living. The actual results of trickle down economics amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. And this is reflected in every onerous fact around living through the current era. The plethora of ills confronting us, which were nonexistent in my youth: armies of homeless folks, massive and unprecedented student debt, gargantuan public and private debt, and huge growing disparities in earnings between those who work and those who rake it in.

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You’ve got a river downstream a dam, and it’s drying up. It’s a river that people depend on for their source of water. So you decide that to get people more water, you’ll add extra water behind the dam, and that way a bit more water will trickle down through the dam’s water outlets.

The people downstream the dam will see a bit more water in their river. But they won’t see most of the water added into the top of the system to “help them.”

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That’s because increasingly more of the water is diverted from the lake behind the damn and not allowed to flow downstream; rather it is shunted to the folks at the top for them to frolic in, float their yachts supply their private waterfalls, etc.

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Like I said the wealthy know very good plumbers and it mostly just stays at the top.

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@Yellowdog You get enough “Trickle down” to buy the Rolls Royce ??

Or just get pissed on like the rest of us??

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