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Have you ever ordered glasses from Warby Parker?

Asked by jca2 (10851points) May 10th, 2020

I’m considering ordering prescription sunglasses.

My regular optical provider (Costco Optical) is currently closed. I got Costco Optical to print out my prescription.

Have you ever ordered from Warby Parker? How were they?

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My daughter has, she was very happy. They sent her four pairs, she decided on one frame, sent back the samples.

A week – well, nine days – later, she received the new ones in the mail.

She was very satisfied.

Me : I use Costco – and the Costco optical near me is open for limited service.

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I have ordered glasses online before – can’t remember if it was Warby though.
Make sure you get your measurements right. Eye spacing,how high you want the bridge,width of the frame, etc.

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I don’t think I’d order anything from someone named Warby Parker. Sounds like the name of the teenage daughter’s boyfriend from some 1980’s sitcom.

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I have bought online from EyeBuyDirect twice and did get a pair that was a bit small on my head. I could have returned them (but they were close enough). I also could have measured my existing frames more carefully to compare to the online dimensions before ordering.

Warby Parker’s “try 5 frames at home” policy would be an improvement over that.

But I would also recommend EyebuyDirect. I got really nice glasses from them. Signing up for their email list is worth it for the frequent sales (30% off, buy 1 get 1 @ 50% off, etc). My last pair of bifocals was $89.

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I haven’t but have shopped in-person at the store and know people who have them. The glasses are fashionable and good quality. People I know seem happy with them. I would definitely order from them (but I need a new eye exam first!!).

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Maybe you already made a decision one way or the other at this point? Not sure, thought I’d chime in just in case.

Like @Cupcake I’ve only gotten glasses from them in-store. I was looking for polarized sunglasses to cut down on glare while driving. They do that very well. The company’s anti-scratch coating also seems to work very well, or I’ve gotten lucky. I’ve dropped the glasses a few times, and not a scratch to be found for me.

I heard about them from a friend who got a pair of prescription eyeglasses from them. She liked the frames and the glasses worked well, though the style she chose was a bit large for her head and tended to slide down her nose after she wore them for a while, so just make sure the fit of the frames is good. The site gives frame measurements so that should be easier on the website than in-store where you’re just trying them on for a few seconds.

If you want blue light filtering as well, there’s a similar company called Felix Gray, though I’m not sure how true/not true the hype over blue light actually is.

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@Soubresaut: I haven’t made a decision yet. I looked at Warby’s site and Eye Buy Direct’s site and was in the process of comparing prices and other things. I will look again by the end of the day and probably order tonight.

I first heard about Warby Parker from an article in The New Yorker magazine about five years ago.

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