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How are you avoiding isolation madness?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (7234points) May 10th, 2020

I just left my house for the first time in 12 days to go for a hike in the woods. It’s amazing how much different I feel. I didn’t even realize how much being cooped up was getting to me. Are you getting out at all? How are you dealing with the stresses of isolation?

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I get outside in the woods too and it does a lot to lift one’s mood.
My husband’s been home for over a month now and he is good company. Since he is here I am getting nothing done but am having a pretty good time:)

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I haven’t been into a business or someone else’s home for eight weeks. I have a good neighborhood to walk in, and if I see another human we chat/yell to each other. I like my neighbors, this is nice.
It is making me a little nuts to be confined to my neighborhood, but when the weather is nice all the public spaces that are open fill up too fast for comfort. In my town, the fatality rate is about 11% of the confirmed cases. I know that there isn’t enough testing, etc etc etc, but the number is still daunting.
So I wander around my neighborhood with my dog, as do my neighbors, and we all have six foot leashes and pat each other’s dogs. I always have treats in my pocket so I am very popular with the canine set. :-)

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I have been a bachelor my entire adult life. I live by myself with very little outside contact with people. So, nothing new…

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Been into pharmacy three time since April 1st and once a week for groceries.

Took the wife for a ride without destination last Sunday. It was the first time she was out of house / yard since March 16. She plays with the dogs in the backyard, they like to play catch.

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Mostly keeping busy inside with books, online, old movies and cooking and baking. But the biggest savior is taking walks, mostly with one friend at a distance of several feet. My neighborhood is lovely at this time of year and we can also walk to the ocean. I do get overwhelmed by unknowing the future though.

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The last few times we attempted to drive someplace for a hike, we ended up just doubling back home because the trails were too crowded.

Mostly I entertain myself by running around the neighborhood in an inflatable bear suit.

Or we paint rocks and leave them on our walks around the neighborhood.

I painted one long rock as a baguette and labeled it as “gluten free bread”. I’d say that it’s probably comparable in taste. Still, hope no one actually eats it.

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As an introvert, I am having the time of my life.

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I get out & about every day, as is my right gawddammit!
Oscar, our pup gets two walks a day & I get my daily run.
Home time is cool anyway, so much fun to be had using only a tennis shoe & one’s imagination.

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If it comes to madness, for me, it’s going to be non-isolation madness.

Through an accident of timing, my husband and I wound up sheltering in place with two grown sons on the premises. Moreover, my husband hasn’t been well enough to go anywhere by himself for more than a year.

So I never really get some nice, restorative solitude. There’s always somebody here. I love them, but.

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I am reading and reading, playing bridge online. Did I mention reading?

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Not sure anymore if I’m still able to avoid madness or I’m already in the thick of it. I look at the mirror and I see a cabbage with an eye.

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I go to work 5 days a week. No isolation madness. I did call my mother today and she, on the other hand, has been hiding out in her house for a while. A phone call was like a life-line to her.

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No madness here. I’m just fine being at home during this. The longer stretch I do at home the calmer I am. I include my back patio as my house. I’m on my patio a lot, even do Zumba out there, work on my patio too. Weather has been overall good, so the house is open at least part of the day almost every day.

I’m away from my house about once a week, and every time it’s stressful to me. My next venture will probably be to Lowe’s for lawn weed and seed.

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My schedule hasn’t changed much—but one thing I do recommend is driving around exploring. There are a lot of places I’ve know about and lived near all my life, but never really explored.

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By going biking/walking on the trail every day (as long as the weather is nice, of course)

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I don’t have any stresses of isolation. My imidiate family lives in the heart of our city. Our deck fronts one of the busiest streets in town. It gives us many stories to tell.

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I’m fine. We’re integrating social distance visits slowly. The rest of the time I’m very happy at home piddling in the yard and trimming hedges. My flowers are in bloom and lovely so my backyard is a nice place to be.

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I’m already mad so I will appear normal if and when this is all over

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Watching how madness has already taken so many other people.

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I’ve had to increase my self-care to a new and nerdy level: my phone buzzes me throughout the day, and I check in with my body and go do something I need. Sometimes it’s putting on a sweater or having a drink. Other times, it’s rest or exercise. I’ve never taken such good care of myself, and I’ve also never been so even-keeled throughout the day. Which is not to say I’m always happy. The global situation is very upsetting, but by treating myself like a fragile flower, I can deal with it.

I’m fortunate in that I get to go for long nature walks every day. 12 days at home sounds horrible. I feel for you, and hope you can get out more.

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@longgone That’s a lovely way to think of it, actually.

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@longgone Stumbled on this great nature walk video. I just might go there after the pandemic.

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Honestly, I am perfectly fine. I have my wife and my cats, and my life hasn’t really changed much. I go to work, my wife does the shopping. Introverts for the win!

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@KNOWITALL Thanks, that’s nice of you.

@mazingerz88 I wish it looked like that around here. Incredible.

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