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I quit facebook today. I feel incredible.

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) September 2nd, 2008

facebook’s calls became too much to handle…will i have to come back to keep up with this century?

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Everything is good in moderation. You obviously had a facebook addiction and are now going cold turkey. You’ll be back. You have to be back. MUAHAHAHAHHAHA

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Is it April again?

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Wait, what?

Did you work for facebook or something?

If not, why is having a profile such a damn big deal? It’s a really convenient means of communication, keeping up with friends, having quick contact with everyone you know, storing images and sharing them with your friends, etc. I don’t see why anyone would feel “incredible” after “quitting facebook.”

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If by calls, you mean the email notifications, they could be turned off.

While I don’t really care whether or not you use Facebook, I would strongly recommend against quitting the use of a valuable communication tool only because it sent you too many messages.

If by calls you meant a siren’s song, you should learn to block that out.
I’m just saying…

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@blastfamy I am wondering the same thing. Do you mean the email notifiers? Or are you saying you quit facebook like as a job???

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I meant it like it was something that I didn’t like. I was sick of maintaining it, and having to set my preferences. It had a never-ending call. I just wanted to get rid of it, but felt as though I would be abandoning something…but it’s done with now. (Funny, how when you quit, they send you an email with directions about how to “reactivate” you account!)

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