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If the incomparable Little Richard can die without notice, am I still living in America?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24138points) May 11th, 2020 from iPhone

I awoke Saturday morning to the news that the legendary Little Richard had slipped off to that final venue. And wherever he’s playing now—THE BOREDOM IS OVER! I can remember back in 56 my mom, dad and siblings stared in disbelief at our clunky television as Richard howled out “Slippin and Slidin” while pounding on the piano like he’d been electrocuted. My mother declared :”God almighty if he doesn’t shake himself to death, the screaming will destroy everyone’s ears”. My dad just rolled on the floor howling with laughter. And for better than a week would announce his return home in the evenings with a high pitched “whhoooooo”. “Rest in peace?” No way in hell!

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Why do you think nobody noticed?

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Well, being little, he is easily overlooked.

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The real news is, that Roy, of the world famous duo “Siegfried and Roy”, has died of covid 19.

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@josie probably because the majority of folks old enough to remember his arrival have died ahead of him.

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Well then, that being the case, why are you surprised or disappointed?

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Because his significance can not be overstated.

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@lucillelucillelucille YOU would of course. The first word from his mouth at every gig was your name at decibel levels sufficient to shatter steel. The opening riff with the piano, bass and drums would build the suspense with “Lucillllle” at the crescendo.

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There’s been plenty of notice on my media and a long obit in today’s Times. It has been noticed.

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Justice! Actually I haven’t really looked for stories and didn’t suppose I would have to search very hard.

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I noticed. Good golly.

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It was all over Facebook, and I read about it the Washington Post.

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I noticed & I cried…Richie was most definitely a one of a kind!!!

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I noticed. And I didn’t cry. And I didn’t waste my allotment of exclamation points on him either.

I don’t think it’s his rock and roll that freaked people out. It was his gayness. Lord, that was in the 50s!

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I didn’t know he was gay til he popped up again in the 80s. Richard had more women hanging on him than he could count. In fact he was the first entertainer I can remember being routinely subjected to having his clothes torn from him by mobs of screaming women, though I’d heard stories about Sinatra. I wish I could remember the name of the biographical book about him that I read sometime in the 80s. The fact that I recall from that book was that Richard always insisted on being paid in cash for his gigs, and that he kept it all in the trunk of his Cadillac.

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Well, as the nurse said upon seeing a little dick…“nothing to see here”

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Miss Molly told me.

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I had a dog named Molly. I sang Good golly miss Molly every time I came home. Thank you Little Richard.

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Even in the 50’s I didn’t discriminate against others. I had black friends as well as gay friends. I just found Richie to be a little flamboyant & over the top. I admired that he didn’t give a fuck what others thought about him!!! He was talented & I enjoyed his music & that was enough for me. My biggest shock was that he was much closer to my dad’s age than he was to mine. I’m going to miss him!!!

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He was one of the pioneers of my favorite genre, and he was Prince before Rogers Nelson was born.

Even though I’m sheltering to avoid COVID-19, I’ll always have Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu! :-D

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WHAT? It was all over the news here (CBS, NBC), they played his songs over and over.

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Btw, is the Living In America referring to the song? Wasn’t that James Brown?

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Yes, JB did it, but that tune never entered my head.

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@Brian1946…. Little Richard didn’t sing Rockin Pneumonia.

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Huey (piano) Smith. But Richard and the Clowns shared that New Orleans vibe, and you can definitely hear it.

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