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Why hasn't the site design changed since 2009?

Asked by EgaoNoGenkiAB (47points) 1 month ago

Fluther is just the way I remember it back in 2009. Typically, a website will change a ton in a decade, but why has Fluther stayed visually static?

And what HAS changed about Fluther since 2009?

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The Federated section is gone.

I actually appreciate that it hasn’t changed much.

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Who’s to improve it?

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The format is fine the way it is.

When websites start changing, the changes usually take some unwanted adaptation. Its kind of like if a favorite restaurant tampers with a recipe or changes an item. Tampering with tastes is unwise.

Before coming to Fluther, many us came from Askville, and you Jellies welcomed us. Askville was constantly making stupid changes that made the site unuseablle and hard to adapt to.

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I can barely remember Askville.

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I was here when there were no categories. I joined in 2008. I’ve stuck around and witnessed many changes. You snooze you lose.

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What have you lost? You just told us you snoozed and…...nothing’s changed

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What has changed, you ask? Many Jellies have come and gone. More have gone, it seems. Some have died. Augustlan, the original moderator, passed away, too. There was a yacht captain from the Caribbean who was really not a yacht captain in the Caribbean. Some Jellies come and go under different names, for various reasons.

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Has it been settled as definitive that the yacht captain was not a yacht captain?

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Why hasn’t it changed? The developers got proper jobs at Twitter. :)
Having said that the design is pretty solid, particularly the mobile design – this was one of the first web apps Apple pushed on its iPhone site when they were trying to convince people that you didn’t need native apps. (Although it would be nice if you could flag spam from mobile without switching to the desktop version).

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@stanleybmanly: Yes, googling he was just a poor soul livin in a fish bowl, year after year.

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It’s been posted here before that no upgrades or anything will be made or have been made, up to a certain date, which I don’t know. We had a thread fairly recently about what upgrades we’d all choose, which was interesting.

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Fishbowl? I suppose dreams can be a form of liberation.

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@stanleybmanly: It was a line from a song (Pink Floyd).

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Why mess with perfection?

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