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Why are astronomy and physics, unlike other sciences, so popular?

Asked by Sanger (75points) May 13th, 2020

If I ask the general public if they tell me well-known and genius scientists, I always get physicists and astronomers (and, exceptionally, Darwin) from them. No chemist, biologist, geologist. No Fleming, no Pauling, no Pasteur, no Lavoisier, no Dawkins, no Mendeleev, no Linné, and so on. But always I get Einstein, Hawking, sometimes Sagan, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Planck and so on. Why?

Another thing is the number of TV programs devoted to physics and astronomy. Aren’t people interested in other sciences?

A Brief history of a Time, You are joking Mr. Feynman, The Elegant universe, The Principle of Relativity.
But I’ve never seen a popular science book on chemistry or geology in a bookstore (unless it was a school textbook). Biology is better, but still miserable than physics.

Does anyone know why this is so? And what do you think about it? Also, like most people, aren’t they interested in other sciences except physics and astronomy?

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