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Since the pandemic, what is your household using more or less of ? Were you surprised?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) May 14th, 2020 from iPhone

For some reason, it’s milk and butter at our place that seems to disappear. The booze, even the beer and wine have dust on the bottles since no one passes through.

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I am surprised how low my gas bill is.

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Gasoline, I’m filling the tank about once every two to three weeks. When I’m working in the office, I’m filling the tank about once every two to three days.

I’m using more dishwasher detergent now because we’re making more dirty dishes.

I’m using more flour now because I’m baking more. There was an article in the NY Times a few days ago about how Americans are baking more and flour has been in short supply.

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Way more fabric (not surprised, I’m making masks) way more thread (same reason, but that surprised me. Go figure). More flour (I seem to be making bread for a bunch of people, it’s comforting, not surprised). More internet, less gas (no surprise). Much less meat (don’t know why, my freezer is well-stocked), more lentils. More shampoo (hair is growing exponentially…ugh)

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Much less gasoline. From about $160/week to $40/week.

Much bigger food bill though. We’ve been cooking up a storm.

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More personal hygiene products and cleaners.
Far less gas (one tank in 2 months), no wardrobe updates at all. :(

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Money in general is being saved

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Less gasoline but not using more of anything that I can think of.

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Napkins. I blow my nose with those instead of using toilet paper. No surprise, just being practical.

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I have never done so many dishes. Used to run the dishwasher once a week, now it’s like every 3 days.

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@tinyfaery: I’m up to once a day for the dishwasher.

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That’s the odd thing—both the wife and I are constantly doing dishes. The dishwasher is every bit as busy as it was when our house was heavily trafficked. I guess it’s because we aren’t eating out. There are several good things the lockdown has forced on me. One is my familiarization with the esoteric tools and devices the wife deploys in cooking. The food processor, bread machine, fancy sieves, collanders, graters, funnels, chemistry lab glassware, exotic pots and skillets—stuff that formerly would magically occasionally appear out in the open to dry in the dishrack, then disappear, I’ve learned where a lot of that stuff lives. I’ve also accomplished a lot of neglected household maintenance and repairs.

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@stanleybmanly Just count yourself lucky you aren’t washing them by hand like I do. It relaxes me and there’s only two of us though. :D

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We have been running the dishwasher much more here,too. It’s because we’re home for three meals a day; usually I eat breakfast and lunch at work.

I am using a lot more butter being home for all the meals’ dn cooking.

I was surprised at not using cash at all. I last went to the ATM on March 29, and still have half the cash I got then.

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I’m the only household member, and I’ve stopped using ale because all the pubs are shut.

And I’ve lost weight!

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@KNOWITALL there’s plenty to wash by hand. All of the pots and pans, pitchers and exotic cookware gets hand washed. Believe me, were that dishwasher to vanish, I would contemplate retirement to a rest home. As it is now, between the scrubbing and cleaning, I am horrified to discover myself afflicted with “dishpan hands”. It’s degrading and emotionally crippling. Once again, the gods have inflicted more unbearable suffering upon me. O the crosses I must bear. Where do I find the courage to persevere?

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We have been using a lot more water and gas for heating it. Both utility bills are sky high.

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