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Iphone vs blackberry?

Asked by zenetha (17points) September 2nd, 2008

which is better and why?

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I don’t own either one yet, but I’d get an iPhone so my brother (BB user) could fight about whose is the best.

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and I predict this to be one long thread!

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After using both my iPhone 3G and a Blackberry Pearl, I’m going to have to go with the iPhone. Although the pearl is a great smartphone and does e-mail, internet and has a great user interface. The iPhone has just got the looks, the amazing OS and with a large range of easily installable apps i think its won in my book.

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copy amazing OS!

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With Android coming on the HTC Dream, & the years end specs on the iPhone going up, would you still choose the Blackberry or iPhone or play around with a first gen Android?

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a hush falls on the crowd as the UberNerd walks in

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No, Im not a fan of Android. So I would stick with my iPhone

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Well, this thread is about iPhone v. BB and in that regard I think it’s hands down the iPhone that takes it. The iPod function, the games, visual voicemail, movies, the interface, the Internet… Gawd, the list goes on and on for areas the iPhone kicks butt. Of course, there are some people that will be better served by the BB, I’ve just never met them.

As for Android, I was really excited about it, but now that the details are filtering out it seems like an iPhone knock-off. I think Android will crush Windows mobile once and for all, but the iPhone will be unaffected. So far, it looks like the iPhone will continue to push the innovation.

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I would say the iPhone, but the new Blackberry Thunder looks promising.

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dude IPHONE ALL THE WAY!!!!! i have one it ROX!!!!!!!! you HAVE to get one i used to have a blackberry and i thought that was really cool untill i saw the i phone i thought it was WAY BETTER! get the i phone

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