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what are some good patio plants that don't require much attention?

Asked by simonweiss (7points) November 12th, 2006
I live in Palo Alto, so that's the weather I'm dealing with.
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philodendrons are the world's easiest plants...but I keep all of mine indoors so I don't know how they do outdoors. Palo Alto gets lots of sun so you can get succulents that are easy: Jade plants, cacti, etc.
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there are many variations of jade plants too so you can get a whole bunch, and they're cheap. Aloe too.
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also herbs like rosemary grow well outside in the bay area and you can use them for cooking
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succulents thrive in the bay area. also, marigolds. rosemary. too late for basil now. and some medium sized bonsais can make you seem sophisticated in your choice of shrubbery.
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You could probably keep almost any kind of succulent outside in Palo Alto - and some are gorgeous. Look for plants with leathery thick leaves.
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spider plants too . . . if you pay close attention they flourish, but they survive without much attention just fine
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