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What are some things that will fade out due to coronavirus?

Asked by seawulf575 (12953points) May 16th, 2020

As time has gone by, past sayings have become meaningless. “Drop a dime on someone” referred to dropping a dime in a payphone to report someone’s wrongdoing. Kids today don’t understand what it means and probably have never seen a payphone. With the current changes we are seeing in society due to the coronavirus, what sayings or activities could become meaningless? The first one I thought of was “you have a lovely smile”. Humor is welcome.

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Don’t wear a mask into a bank unless you want me to hit an alarm. That one is gone, at least for now.

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Cash. I just heard on the news there are some in Washington tossing around an idea for providing a debit account for everyone.

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@Patty_Melt , as a bank employee, I have no objection to that idea! Currency is filthy.

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@tedibear interestingly I took a selfie of myself the other day to show my wife at work. I had on a mask, my glasses had darkened, and I had on a rain poncho. I could have been a terrorist by the look of things. I was something between the Unabomber and that character Bruce Willis played in Unbreakable. And nobody batted an eye.

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I think it will really push to the paperless office. When computers first became popular, the idea of the paperless office came about, but every office still has printed documents. Forms that need signatures, etc. are still popular. However, with the virus and people all of a sudden having to work from home, nobody wants to deal with having to go to the office to retrieve papers, filing papers, opening envelopes, looking for papers, etc. I think papers and printed documents will be a thing of the past.

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I think handshakes may die out. They’re already on the wane, but they may be out the door entirely after this.

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Department stores

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Interesting thoughts. If Money and Department Stores disappear, won’t that kill a lot of jobs? @tedibear you mentioned working in a bank. If there was no cash and everything was done electronically, would there be a need for the bank centers and tellers? Couldn’t everything be done online or at ATMs?
I guess a follow up to the original question: What would the unintended consequences be of some of these things?

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According to my friend, stache waxing. XD

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Something that might start appearing is designer face masks.

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Lip reading
Bubble gum blowing

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^^ Actually a wife of one of our Jellies is making masks with a transparent panel for people who need to lip read.

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Pointing & beginning a sentence with “Actually” is deemed illegal here…I know because I just made it up :D

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^^ Naw, I thought ending every comment with :D was illegal here. :D

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Gosh, a toxic penguin!
Poor thing must be lonely ;-}

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Actually, buffets.

There hasn’t been much on transmission through food. But I think this hyper awareness is going to push this already dated model out faster. :D

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If buffets go/stay down, casinos won’t be far behind. Unless maybe they substitute with emergency first aide stations.

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@raum I was gonna say that exact same thing. There may not be transmission through food, but everyone touches those same utensils they load their plates with.

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@seawulf575 – If everything was done electronically, it would eliminate the need for much of retail banking.

My dad was a bank manager in the 70’s and 80’s, and I started in the mid-90’s. From the 1970’s to now because of electronic transactions of many types, I have seen branches shrink from 12 to 15 people down to 4 to 8 people. Obviously, staff size depends on transaction volume. Back office/department jobs have shrunk as well.

I could go on, but don’t want to derail the thread!

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