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How to apply for a loan?

Asked by emorris25 (78points) 1 month ago

Ok so I tried to research this online but I would like to get opinions from regular people who may have once been in my position. My monthly income is as follows: I make $803 from SSI, $2,860 from a full time job, I make a guaranteed $2,000+ commission over a 9 day/126 hour period selling fireworks, and then $500/month over a 3 month period. It may be per week I’m not sure. Can anyone give me an idea of how to calculate this into an annual income? I did everything the internet said and it told me I make $3,171/month and $38,052/year.

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$803 monthly income times 12 months for annual total = $9636
$2860 monthly income times 12 months for annual total= $34320
$2000 multiplied by approx 3 times a month (30 Divided by 9 = 33.33) approx $ 6000
$500 per 3 month period = 12 divided by 3 periods = 4 per year times $500 = $2000
Total annual approx = $51956.00

One has to factor in Expenses ( debts)
Income minus Expenses = Actual Annual income
Depends on If you can carry this loan as well and successfully get through this pandemic crises unscathed?

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The difficult thing may be that you have seasonal work (fireworks sales) that canno t be annualized.

You don’t mention what monthly obligations you have (rent, car payment, insurance, food, commute costs), a lender wants to know if you have enough left over after expenses to payback the loan.

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This is something you should go down to the bank and talk to a loan officer about. They’ll be the ones approving/declining your loan application, so they’d know better than we do.

As an aside, I’m wondering how the hell you’re drawing SSI with that much income. But that’s another topic.

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@Darth_Algar I was wondering the same thing. Here you can only make so much to retain your SSI and benefits.

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