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How much creative license is acceptable when portraying historical figures and events?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) May 17th, 2020

Should all factual points be maintained regardless of the urge to fictionalize events as to make them more “interesting”?

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Only if your shooting for true non-fiction. There, it’s all about research, research, research. Good sources, verify information, be aware of what you don’t or can’t know.

I like historical fiction where you fill in the don’t know/can’t knows with imagination.

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@cookieman -Yep, even then people will believe it if it is not spelled out that they played with events, made stuff up, etc.
A while back, I watched a series on Henry Vlll.They added events to his story that never happened.
As if his story isn’t interesting enough on it’s own! XD

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Yeah, it has to be made clear that it’s historical fiction. “Inspired by actual events” is not the same as “based on a true story.”

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@cookieman – It pissed me off. lol

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I think a lot depends on how far back in history you’re going. Especially with, say, figures like Ragnar Lodbrok, who are quasi-mythical to begin with.

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Without latitude to make things up, we wouldn’t have Abraham Lincoln vs. The Zombies

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@zenvelo _Or Keanu Reeves’ best role. XD

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Fiction or non-fiction? You can’t embellish a true life account with any “creative license” or the portrayal you present becomes a lie.

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@kritiper -Exactly…. and it is done all the time.

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Only on TV and in the movies, where it is almost expected. Such is the society we are.

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