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What happened to car bras?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30580points) May 17th, 2020

Was that just a fad that played itself out?

Does your car need a bra?

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If your car has a plastic front end, there’s no need for a bra.

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Problem with the bras on cars they eat the paint where they contact the car, because of air movement. They reduce stone chips but left scratches and lines of eaten paint.

Fad and it stopped with paint damage.

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They’re still around and available.

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I was a fad that should have died & did. You can still purchase them at places like this . I think that there are several more sites that do the same; but since I don’t like them, I don’t want to encourage anyone into buying them!!!

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They do more harm than good. They’re over priced. And they’re dorky looking.

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I usually see clear coat protection for the front of cars now. Maybe they don’t allow them in racing? Some of our track friends have the clear coat. I never liked them, they looked weird to me. Wasn’t a thing for American sportscars? Like Camaros and Trans-Ams? I never was very into those cars. Although, right now during lovebug season a cover of any sort would be very useful. You wouldn’t believe my car right now, I have to clean it.

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