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What is your opinion of Joe Lieberman?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) September 3rd, 2008

Did you watch him last night at the Republican National Convention? If you did do you think he raised some good points or is he merely a publicity seeking turncoat? Conservatives, are you buying what Lieberman is selling?

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I thought he was a traitor, but I’m a Democrat.

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I think he is a sincerely motivated person, who believes in people, not parties.

He used to be a Democrat, but is now officially known as an Independent senator from Connecticutt.

I applaud his dedication to his friend, and his willingness to stand up for those principles and ideals that he embraces, “and Billy be damned.”

I think everyone should be as lucky as John McCain, to have a friend like Joe, who will come to his aid with zero hesitation.

September 3, 2008, 8:14 AM EDT

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Here’s my opinion, in musical form:

(to the tune of “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”)

Jolly old Joe Lieberman
moral as can be;
he looks down on everyone
reeks of sanctity.

Never met a Democrat
that he didn’t scorn;
he sure loves Republicans,
hates free speech and porn.

Had two kids with his first wife
Then he changed his mind
Dumped her ‘cause she was Reform
Missed that the first time.

Jolly old Joe Lieberman
never went to war,
happy to send others there,
more and more and more.

Lobbyists for credit co’s
call him their best friend;
they all wrote big checks for him,
we paid in the end.

Jolly old Joe Lieberman
kissed George Bush, alas,
now he spends his days and nights,
kissing Bush’s ass.

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Although I don’t agree with your views on Joe, I must admit that your talent for poetry should not go unnoticed.

May I suggest, respectfully, that you also ply your talents here?

September 3, 2008, 8:44 AM EDT

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Troll. Turned Republican so he could fight the “Arabs”.

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I gotta point out that he still caucuses with the Democrats, and that gives us them the majority in the Senate. Joe could decide to switch over to the Republican side any day and give them the majority. I’m not going to talk shit about him as long as he is giving the Dems the majority.

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My guess is that he’s just another political whore. Seems McCain wanted him as veep, probably pretty much promised him the job. Turns out it wasn’t going to happen, not at the convention anyway. Because 5 delegations would have torn the convention apart…it would have looked like the Dems in 68 and it would have blown the party unity. McCain had to grasp at straws, he picked someone he knew would be a big surprise (to energize the race), who would shore up his base support, but he figured why bother vetting her because it’s a win win for him…if she gets brought down after the convention is over, he can pretty much name whomever he wants (Lieberman) to replace her. Joe’s been made promises. Joe is an ace in the hole. If he were anti-choice, er I mean pro-life, he’d BE a Republican.

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lefteh, he can change to the GOP whenever he wants, and that would give them a majority – but it wouldn’t change who runs the Senate. The chairmanships and all that are set at the beginning of the year, and can’t be revised unless the two parties agreed beforehand that a change in the majority would be immediately reflected in control of the Senate. That’s what happened with that VT Senator a while back. But no such agreement was made this year.

So while Joe could go Republican (and has, in many ways, for years), he wouldn’t give the GOP control of the Senate. And it’s a virtual certainty that the Democrats will substantially increase their control of the Senate next year. I don’t think that would stop Joe – at this point he really seems to hate his former Democratic colleagues beyond all reason – but either way, he’s basically irrelevant.

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Irrelevant? I vehemently disagree.
And you’re only partially correct as far as the rules when it comes to switching Senate leaders.

If Lieberman were to begin caucusing with the GOP, they would have the voting majority regardless of official majority status in the Senate. 51 senators would be voting Republican, 49 Democrat. Bottom line.

As far as changing Senate leaders goes, there does not have to be an agreement made beforehand. It can simply be voted on and passed. However, this would not happen even if Lieberman switched to the GOP because the Democrats would quickly filibuster, and the GOP would obviously not have the 67 votes required for cloture.

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I think he is an opportunist. He backed McCain because he thought it would give him a second chance of getting to the white house and it also once again put him in the public eye. Things didn’t really go the way he planned though so he has no choice but to save face and continue to back McCain. He is completely self serving. I have no respect for him.

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I think he’s a douche bag.

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He has pretty much proved he is a political whore in that he will go wherever he may get power. He has now backed the wrong horse. It is my great wish that the Dems pick up enough seats next time to give him the status and committee assignments he so richly deserves.

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yarlmuke of lies!

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