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Is being a community association manager a big position?

Asked by Plentylove09 (59points) 1 week ago from iPhone

So I’m curious whether a community association manager is like a big title to have, like an entrepreneur or something of that kind or not at all?

How can you study for it? I heard it’s a couple of weeks course, cheap as well, you present the test to the state, if you pass it, then voila!

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It is what most people would call “middle management”, not a big title but worth having on your resume if you are starting out and want a career in property management.

You essentially handle all the headaches of the business that oversees a property. Checking up on the gardeners and maintenance people, hearing complaints about neighbors, making sure the pool opens on time and doesn’t get trashed.

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It sounds like the person who runs an HOA (Home Owner’s Association). They don’t oversee just a single property, as explained above. They manage a community of homes. People must agree to the HOA rules before they can live there. A lot of people do not like HOA’s because they often have nutty and invasive rules that make living unpleasant or worse, and that was certainly our experience! We will never live in another HOA if we can help it.

I don’t know that I’d call it a middle management position because I don’t think there are any managers under you to manage. You get someone to mow the grass, you handle complaints and administrative duties and walk the property periodically to write down license plate numbers, and take photos of violations of noncompliance of the rules, and levy fines against homeowners.

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So, no it’s not a big title, neither an entrepreneur, a simple administrative work, nothing especial.

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Not really.

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