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Where is somewhere unusual you have posted on Fluther from?

Asked by ucme (49877points) 1 month ago

The toilet
The bath
Up a gum tree

Intended for phone/tablet users & you can take “unusual” as anywhere that might make us giggle…hmmkayy!

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Well this went well :D

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Its not very interesting, down in a deep hollar down by the river and caves. Most cant get cell reception but I always do.

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Two hospitals
Grocery parking lot (free wifi)
Bus stop

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A swimming pool.

Also a hospital.

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This thing had legs after all, okay, so the legs were that of a toddler but still…baby steps eh?

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The other chair.
Dare to be different

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California is actually the most unusual place I’ve been.

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^ Pretty much as unusual as it gets! :-D

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A hot spring named “The Secret Lagoon” in Iceland.

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Quarantine on Travis AFB.

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