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Is there a downside to swallowing chewable aspirin?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27996points) 1 week ago

I mistakenly bought chewable 81mg aspirin instead of normal swallowable pills. (Actually, my grandkid pulled the wrong one off the shelf).

Is any harm done by swallowing a chewable aspirin?

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No, but there might not be as much good. The coating may not dissolve completely which would make the aspirin less effective.

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It’s fine.

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I don’t care for the taste so I always swallow mine. My doc said it was OK & @Caravanfan seems t agree. Might I suggest that you shop alone next time!!!

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Yes. You miss out on that burst of orangey goodness.
I’d take that grandkid shopping more often!

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Nope. Chewable is just that – chewable. That’s for folks (small children, elderly, etc) who might not be able to swallow pills so easily. But they don’t have to be chewed.

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I recall one incident where a patient was given a chewable antibiotic reluctantly as she was terrified of a shot. She swallowed the pill whole, did not chew the pill (allowing it to properly be absorbed), and her infection did not go away.) She had to have the shot.

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