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Whose picture is used for the 'not found' message on Fluther?

Asked by marissa (2675points) September 3rd, 2008

Just curious, here is a link that I think should take you to his photo. I tried to search Fluther for the answer before asking, but couldn’t find it. Hope you all are having a great day!

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That’s Ben, one of the Fluther Founders.

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@Michael – thanks!

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Hi marissa! I hope you are having a great day too!

I have some great gel for flyaway hair if anyone needs some. :0)

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Gel for fly away hair from a hare (you are an angel, but you didn’t sprout wings did you? ;0P )..hmmm… My day is going well, just busy lately.

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Yeah, that’s me. Pretty early in the morning.

@autumn43 Who would you be talking about? :)

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Oh! Hi ben! I was just sayin’...I mean look at how neat mine is – it works well, huh? And marissa had it right – I’m not a flyaway hare….and it seems like you have it under control now…

Oh gosh. I better stop now. I hope you are having a nice day too, ben!

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@Ben, the morning look works for you, as well as the in front of the water look and the…........
@Autumn you are adorable and have such beautiful sleek hair ;0)

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