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Does your dog put their paws in your pockets?

Asked by cookieman (37541points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Every time I pick up my Doodle, she shoves one or more paws into my front or rear pockets. What’s up with that?

Do your pets do similar silly things?

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No, because
He has tried to sit on my lap before. He was taught to sing on command with the help of my bad harmonica skills.He likes to be vacuumed which is good as German Shepherd Dogs shed like crazy.Need any wool? I get three bags full every time.
One night I fell and couldn’t get up Lol! yep, that
He came running in and laid by my side until my husband came to pick me up.
He’s an awesome dog :)

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ROFL She’s a smart pup!

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Nope, but I’d like that. :D

@lucillelucillelucille I put all the dog hair in the fork of a tree and the birds take it all immediately for the nests.

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@KNOWITALL -When I brush him outside that is exactly what they do.
I wonder if they can get all the dog hair out of their beaks.Are beaks dry? If they use their feet to pull it out, does it stick there too? Is the bird family covered in dog hair? Like a flying fuzzball?
That is what I wonder XD

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Never had one of mine do that, but most of my dogs weighed close to 100–125 pounds & I couldn’t pick them up. I did have one Doberman that would back up to the sofa & put his butt in my lap then draw up his back legs so he was sitting in my lap watching TV with me. Then he’d look at me & smile.

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I don’t have any stories like that. However Cato is afraid of inanimate moving objects, like doors. He’s smart enough to know that doors don’t, or shouldn’t, open by themselves but sometimes they seem to. He does not like that!

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@lucillelucillelucille Wow, well I’ve had several birds and raised babies, so I’ll give you my best answers…lol

I wonder if they can get all the dog hair out of their beaks. Yes, their tiny tongues are extremely agile.
Are beaks dry? Yes, it doesn’t even feel wet when they lick/ kiss you.
If they use their feet to pull it out, does it stick there too? Nope, again, very agile, although they would rip the strand if it got tangled probably.
Is the bird family covered in dog hair? haha, nope, but you can see hair strands in some nests if you look closely after they’re done with them. My neighbor kid likes to go through them with me later in summer to see what we find in there.
Like a flying fuzzball? Birds are actually very clean & sleek in in the wild generally.

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Never, but I had a cat that would climb right up your pants and dig at the pocket if he smelled dope.
Are you carrying dope?

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@KNOWITALL – I appreciate your answers! :)
I have seen videos of a tufted titmouse taking clumps of hair from a dog’s back. They like to live dangerously, it seems

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Patting you down for snacks.

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I semi seriously thought of making a sweater out of Dakota’s fur. It’s been a year and a half since she had to leave us and I’m STILL finding tufts of white fur here and there.

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@Patty_Melt: Nope. No dope.

@raum: That seems likely.

@si3tech: Hmmm, kinda.

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I once had a cat. She would dip a yarn toy into her water bowl and then bring it to me. I would toss it, and she would fetch it and bring it back, just like a dog. It was weird.

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My dog likes to suck on my toes. When Rick walks in the room he stops. Then when he leaves the room he starts in again.
I have….the strangest dog in the world!

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Any chance she’s just trying to get a better grip?

To answer your main question: no. His paws are too big, and I can just barely lift him. He uses his paws to swat at people, indicating that he’d like to be scratched. Or to grab kibble that’s rolled under the furniture.

Weird things he does include trying to lick any and all sunscreen off me. When we swim together, he tries to grab me by my hair (presumably to save me, but it feels more like being drowned). When he’s happy, he drops to the ground and rolls over – not unusual in itself, but he’s way too fast. It’s one fluid motion from standing to rolling, and then up again.

And once, when he was young, he found a carton of milk and punctured it with his teeth, sucking it dry without spilling a single drop on the carpet. I came home to an empty, crumpled milk carton and a very happy puppy.

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@longgone: That may be the case. Doesn’t like her paws dangling when I carry her maybe.

It’s bad when I’m wearing sweatpants — she almost pulls them down.

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@cookieman Ha. I have that problem with a visiting pug. She gets excited about my existence and does a scrabbling dance up against my legs to celebrate. Bare legs are painful, sweatpants are risky. I should try lederhosen.

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