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Has anyone painted their grout?

Asked by chyna (44500points) 6 days ago from iPhone

If so, how did it turn out? Did it last?

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Not paint but recently re-did the grout around the tub.
I can’t tell you how fun that was!
really, I can’t

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^ I think I hear some major sarcasm there!!! I’ve never tried painting mine; however, since @lucillelucillelucille enjoyed it so much, I might invite her to do mine next. EG

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It sounds fun!~

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@chyna-I need to re do my entire bathroom so the grout escapade was kind of a quick fix.
As for the paint used on grout, I wonder how it holds up and if you have to mask the tile or wipe it from there quickly before it dries?
@ladymarissa-I think I’m busy that day. :)

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That’s what I was wondering. If it is more work without great results, I don’t want to try it.

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@chyna -I was just told that there is a grout stain out there by none other than my friend,Capt. Grout Stain! former construction guy
I asked if you can stain existing grout-if it works well. He does not know.Then I asked, “What if she wants it to be white?”
Capt. Grout Stain doesn’t know sh!t.
While I have him on the phone, is there anything you’d like me to ask him?
that he won’t have an answer for

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Yeah, can you bleach grout? (Hasn’t worked so far.)

There are these black spots, they look nasty, but it hardly seems like they call for regrouting the whole thing—especially since now isn’t when I want some guy who grouts bathroom tile going in and out of my house.

So I’m keeping my eyes open here for other solutions.

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I have been told it’s a special paint for grout.
BUT it can be painted but after wards it has to be resealed as well.

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@lucillelucillelucille I am shocked that you could possibly be busy on my grout day!!!

@chyna Read here

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@LadyMarissa -Me too as I usually celebrate Grout Day!
@jerubaI have bleached it and it has brightened it.

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With the link I provided chyna, it sounds as though it would be just as easy to replace than it is to paint. I’ve known friends who bleached. Some loved it & others said it was way too much work for the end result.

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@chyna: You can try taking a grout knife and cutting out the grout. It comes out easily, especially if the grout is old. It’s a mess but it’s an option.

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I think I used muriatic acid to clean my grout, but I am not sure if that is the right acid, so don’t take that as a suggestion, but rather something you can research. I was just thinking about this earlier this week, because I have some areas of my kitchen grout that need some help. What I remember is the stuff is strong, you don’t want to let it sit too long, air out the area well, wear gloves, and I think it does eat away at the grout, so you can only do it maybe twice in a life time, but when I had white tile and white grout in one house it worked very well. People would notice it when they came in my house they could not believe the white stayed white. You can also do a small test in a small area. It’s so long ago I was going to look into it again.

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@JLeslie -I used to use that to get rid of algae on the boat hull. It’s magical stuff.

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