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What are your perogatives that you wanted the freedom to do as a child that your forgot to do now when you are older?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) May 21st, 2020

Like have more than one juice boxes in one sitting. To stay all day napping in the sunbeam in your apartment. Ect.

Humor and insight welcome

Came to me while I enjoyed a PB&J sandwich. Instead of a bucket of KFC and medium gravy.

Also what are your prerogatives that you want as an adult?

Me personally I would love to have more KFC and McDonalds without having to ration my budget every month.

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As a kid I never wanted to eat that thick outer crust on pizza. Then, I grew up, and I had to pay for my own pizza.

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I didn’t forget to do any of it. If I had more money, sure, there would be lots of things I’d love to do as an adult.

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Run away from home, LOL!

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Not exactly forgot. Rather, I don’t find them as appealing.

There were some comics that I vowed to gather money to buy when I grew up. And now I have all the money that I can afford and I realize that I’m too old for that.

Along the line of comics were some toys. Growing up, I realize that some things looked awesome when I was young don’t look as good when I can finally afford them.

And why pay for them when I can make one for myself? That’s the power of growing up. You now have enough ability and resources to make things happen, and in your vision, unlike your younger self who had to depend on the adults.

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Mostly the freedom to make my own decisions. I hated being told what to do, where to go, how to act, etc….constantly. So I guess I can do that now and it’s not very exciting but I still appreciate my adult freedom.

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When I was very young and my mother dressed me up nice to go somewhere, I had to wear dresses with petticoats, which were a type of stiff under-slip to make the skirt part of my dress stand out. I remember standing in my closet wondering why I had all of those petticoats (I had to wear eight, one on top of the other. I remember the first day I got to wear long pants, And whatever I wore was not rough-and-ready material so I had to be careful not to ruin my clothes.

I always had a vague yearning to be able to run and play like the boys that I knew.

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I remember the days of having to wear dresses. But, thinking back, I was lucky to have a mom who could relate to rough and tumble play. I don’t temember her ever getting on to me for getting my clothes dirty.

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My plan was to have a juicy thick steak every day complete with a baked potato swimming in butter with a large side salad drowning in Thousand Island Dressing. Now, I can’t afford the steak even once a week, the potato is dry, and the salad is almost dry because the TID and the butter make my ass fat and my heart unhealthy. Life was so much simpler when I was 10

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