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Will Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows work on the new MacBooks?

Asked by ssibrahim (15points) August 1st, 2007 from iPhone
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Not in OSX, Microsoft recently stopped playing nice with Apple.

You can however install Windows on your MacBook (since they're intel) through a boot camp partition or Parallels Desktop.

Its not a bad idea to have windows on your Mac anyway. Why not if you can?

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Office 2004 for Mac updates often and should be relatively comparable to Office 2007 for Windoze. If you use 2007 elsewhere it should easily read .doc files from Office for Mac.

Why not put MS OS on a Mac? Because it will occupy a good chunk of your hard drive, and the partition for Windoze is as susceptible to viruses, etc. as any PC.

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How did Microsoft recently stop playing nice with Apple? Office 2008 for Mac is in development.

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