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Do you personally know any liberals or anti-Trump conservatives who want Trump to die of Covid?

Asked by rockfan (12800points) May 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

Some of the nicest people I’ve ever known, friends, family, teachers, etc, have expressed flippantly “I hope Trump drops dead of Covid.”

I always laugh it off and mention that I hope they’re joking, but they continue to rationalize their position: “I know it’s morbid, but the world would be better off without Trump.”

I argued that Trump is just a symptom of a larger problem in Washington, and that Trump being gone wouldn’t solve anything. We’d still have the same problems that brought us Trump.

What are your thoughts?

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It’s funny how people who do not deal with death think that death is funny.
You talk about stupid…

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Looks in mirror. YUP.

You should see the mess I made in the bathroom when Boris was admitted to the ICU.

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No but it would be nice if he like Boris (Englands Prime Minister) came down with it don’t want him to die from it but he would get an idea how bad it is like Boris did.

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I wouldn’t pray for him to get sick and die.

On the other hand, if he caught and croaked, I wouldn’t be shedding tears.

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No, I don’t, and it’s not funny to me. I seriously want him out of office, but not by way of the mortuary.

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I do know people who want those protestors with guns and confederate flags and no mask screaming in the faces of policemen and intimidating people with the seeming threat of violence to get very sick and be refused admission to a hospital or die from covid.

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No, I don’t personally know anyone of any political persuasion who has said anything like this. I know one person who thought it would be fitting if Trump got COVID-19 given some of his behaviors, but they backed down as soon as I pointed out that he would likely die from it if he wound up with a severe case.

@rockfan “Trump being gone wouldn’t solve anything.”

Trump being gone would solve a lot of things. It just wouldn’t solve any of the important underlying problems. Regardless, I’d rather see things solved politically than as a result of an untimely death.

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I don’t think so. I’ve heard many say it flippantly, but I seriously doubt that given the opportunity to reflect, they would actually will such a thing. For my part, whichever cruel disease it is which already afflicts him, it is more shockingly terrible than corvid 19. He is incapacitated by another sort of pandemic which sweeps through the world. And judging from his retinue the contagion is more widespread than I would prefer to believe.

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No.. I was not joking. He is a bag of shit and it would be delicious if he died a painful death like a beached whale hooked up to a ventilator. He has done fuck-all to help the situation and is actively making it worse.

Seriously.. The world would be better off if he was dead. Full-fucking-stop

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Careful there @johnpowell our local fright wingers will accuse you of being a hater.

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I hate onions. But they serve a purpose.

I will dance party so hard on my rooftop if Trump gets covid and dies miserable death.

And I want the economy to take a shit too if that means Trump isn’t President in 2020. I don’t really care if 40 million are unemployed if that blob of racist shit is gone in six months.

I’m a cheap fucker that that has years of cash saved up. Why don’t you have years of cash saved up like I do? This dude can bootstrap. Bootstraps motherfucker.

It is only a month. Why can’t you pay rent?

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I have pretty much zero sympathy for people who I think are so terrible and destructive and who cause so much suffering, and ultimately, death, by their being in office and so many other considerations.

I want Trump out of office and in prison, and I think it would be good for the world pretty much no matter how it happens, and sooner the better. Prison is probably the better outcome to hope happens, and won’t happen if he dies first.

But I don’t want Pence or McConnell, his successors, either. I don’t know that Trump dying or imprisoned would actually improve the world as long as those two would be his replacements.

Ultimately though the much greater problems which are not easily going away, are the domination of both parties by the oligarchy, and the acceptance by too much of the corporate media and the public that corrupt corporate pawns, criminals, sex offenders, idiots and fools are all acceptable heads of our government.

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I don’t like Trump but I don’t wish death on anyone.

Also, no Trump = Pence for President. No thank you.

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I despise the man, but I don’t want him to die although I’d smile if he caught the virus; but die is not my way of thinking. I have several conservative friends who used to meet weekly when Obama was President to pray that he died during the night

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No. But it would be reasonable to those who assert that “Trump is the problem”.

Since Trump is not the problem, those who have made a death list that only contains Trump need to expand it to include those who they admire.

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Well, I would not be dancing and celebrating in the streets like a lot of you did when Osama was assassinated, but I would not observe a “minute of silence” for the Orangutan either, like our school forced us to do after 9/11.

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Sure I’ve heard many upset people blame the guy for everything. Irrational hate.
Of course Trump is a polarizing figure, but before and after him we still disagreed on political issues.

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I’ve said to people I know, “I hope he gets it.” Not because I literally wish for that outcome, but because I find it frustrating that he gets to enjoy such a high level of personal protection from coronavirus while, in numerous ways, he makes it harder for citizens (read: the people the President is supposed to be serving) to have adequate protection for themselves.

I’ve said it because it would feel somehow fair that someone who acts as selfishly as Trump has wouldn’t be able to avoid the consequences they allow to befall others. Not because that’s what “should” happen, or is even how anything works. (Also, I know my saying it in private settings has no bearing whatever on what actually happens).

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I un friend and block anybody who says anything like that. I just wish that were an option on this site.

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I don’t wish death on anyone. Would I be upset if it happened? Not a bit.

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@Zaku, next in the presidential line of succession after the VP is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi.

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@Caravanfan It’s not that difficult to unfriend anyone on here. There’s no block option but you don’t have to participate with them when they ask Q’s or respond to anything you say. You only have to remember with whom it is that you have no desire to mingle

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I find it hard for me to dislike Trump. Mostly I just pity him. He is such a buffoon that it is hard to take seriously anything he says. I just wish he would go away. We deserve better. Getting rid of Trump will not solve all our problems, but it will allow us to start working on them.

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@Jeruba Ah right you are. Fingers crossed.

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@SEKA Yes, I am aware, thanks. But “not interacting” is not the same thing as “I don’t want to see their bullshit ever again”

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What area of the world are you in @rockfan?

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Those resigned to tolerance of Trump apparently don’t understand what all the fuss is about. My perception is that most of you who manage to stomach the man regard my perpetual and strident bitching as tiresomely excessive and exaggerated at best. To you I must appear more neurotic than the fool himself is crass. The aspect to Trump apologists that I find fascinating is in the the readiness to dismiss the strident and grating complaints against the idiot as simple hatred. It’s as though the fault finding were mere invention based on fantasy imaginings or the exaggeration of mere quirks. And it isn’t so much that this ready dismissal as hatred is so intellectually lazy as the failure to understand that it is insulting in its unrecognized dishonesty. As the fool parades his daily aberrations before us all, and his detractors pointedly yell “Look”, his defenders in effect yell back what in effect amounts to “the fact that you notice is proof of your hatred.” It is the same tangent as the one accompanying the myth of the universally biased media—“the fact that they report it, proves their bias”. Bullshit!!

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I guess I do after reading this thread.

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Yes I do and I think it’s absolutely disgusting.

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Does it matter, since there is not a chance in hell that he would oblige those wishing it. On the other hand, is there anyone here who believes Trump would not wish misfortune on his perceived enemies??

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@stanleybmanly ” there anyone here who believes Trump would not wish misfortune on his perceived enemies?”
Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t wish death on people I dislike because that’s not the kind of person I am, I don’t care what kind of person they are.

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Yes all of us are very noble.

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Most of the liberals I know that wish harm to Trump don’t actually follow politics all that much. They despise the childish way Trump acts towards the media and the public. Yet they wouldn’t notice the terrible job a seemingly nice republican candidate, with the same policies as Trump, would be doing to the country. The friend of mine that said they wouldn’t mind if Trump died of Covid, thinks Pence would be better than Trump because he comes across as more “presidential”.

The people who care about policies to help people’s lives are the ones that support candidates that fight for actual change. Just my thoughts.

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I live in Georgetown, Kentucky. Trump country. So I think the liberals who live in this area are especially sick of Trump.

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@stanleybmanly It’s not about being noble. It’s about basic decency. Wishing people dead is not a good character trait to have. And if people are going to claim the moral high ground and complain so much about Trump’s complete and total lack of basic decency, then they might want to take their own advice and work on not being total dumpster fires themselves. Being a good person requires more than being not quite as bad as the other guy.

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If you wish people dead, you suck. Not much more to it. It gets complicated in the case of, say, wishing an abuser dead or something like that, but that’s an extreme case. It’s inexcusable if you’re wishing people dead because you disagree with their politics. It shows what type of person you are. If everyone stopped thinking other people’s bad behavior excuses their own bad behavior, there’d be a lot less bad behavior.

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I really love the way Nancy Pelosi expressed herself on this topic. If I were a religious person, I would also pray for him.

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I don’t wish Trump dead—far from it. His death would instantly abolish my dedicated hobby of deriding him for the appalling disgrace he most assuredly is. And on this issue of basic decency, I would remind all of you that tolerance of this fool is a direct endorsement of whatever opposite there is of the concept.

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What’s your opinion on the people who hate Trump, but now tolerate George H.W. Bush, a war criminal?

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@Demosthenes I think there’s a difference between wishing someone dead and recognizing that there may be situations where killing someone might be justified. I don’t wish my abusers dead—though one of them is dead now, and the other is in prison—but there were a few times that they almost killed me. In those instances, I might have been justified in killing them in self-defense (had I not been too young to be capable of it). But even if I had killed them, it would have been reluctantly and not because I wished them dead.

@stanleybmanly Not wishing Trump dead is not the same as tolerating him. Surely you know this since you say that you don’t wish him dead.

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Of course I know that, and you would have a tough time finding any death wishes from me regarding the fool or anyone else. Prison is the appropriate punishment and I look forward to it. @rockfan GW was no prize, but by comparison deserves a rating of brilliant compared to the current abomination. Trump makes Bush look like the epitome of scholarly level headed statecraft.

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I do not wish death on anyone. I am afraid of the millions of people who agree with him and everything he does. They are a much greater danger.

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So basically because Trump = horrible, a war criminal = not that bad? What if we get a president worse than Trump, are we going to rehabilitate his political career as well?

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Of course not.
They all must be hanged.

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Everyone wants Trump and his supporters dead. Preferably before he starts a nuclear war with China to cover for his incompetent response to Covid.

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That’s not true. I don’t wish anybody dead.

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The needs of the many…

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@stanleybmanly “Of course I know that, and you would have a tough time finding any death wishes from me”

Great. So then what was the point you were trying to make in this answer, in which you implied that the basic decency of not wishing Trump dead was somehow connected to tolerance/endorsement of his actions?

@Lightlyseared “The needs of the many…”

…can be satisfied without Trump dying of COVID-19.

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Which answer?

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The one I linked to.

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I don’t understand how you can read any of my answers as endorsement of the fool’s murder. The opposite of tolerance is not necessarily execution.

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That’s not even close to what I said, so I think you’re the one having trouble interpreting answers. I am not reading any of your answers as endorsing (or wishing for) Trump’s death. I am asking why, given the fact that you don’t wish Trump dead, you implied that the basic decency of not wishing Trump dead was somehow connected to tolerance/endorsement of his actions. There is an inconsistency in your answers, and I’m asking you to explain it.

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That is NOT what I am implying by any stretch. It isn’t the fact that he lives that I find intolerable. The 2 topics are in no way related. What I said is that tolerance of Trump is the opposite of decency. The implication is NOT that he must die as a matter of decency.

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Again, that’s not even close to what I was suggesting. You are the one who juxtaposed basic decency and tolerance. Since I had just suggested that not wishing Trump dead is basic decency, responding with the statement “on this issue of basic decency, I would remind all of you that tolerance of this fool is a direct endorsement of whatever opposite there is of the concept” suggests that the basic decency of not wishing Trump dead somehow constitutes tolerance/endorsement of his actions. If you meant to say something like “it’s also a matter of basic decency to not tolerate/endorse his actions,” then you should have actually said that.

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There is no juxtaposition of anything, implied or otherwise. I have no disagreement with your statement that not wishing the fool dead is a matter of basic decency. I agree absolutely. The statement is FINE. If we can both agree on this issue, would you please explain how my statement that tolerance of Trump is the opposite of basic decency is inconsistent with said agreement? The 2 statements together simply amount to BOTH wishing him dead and tolerating him are indecent—nothing more.

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@stanleybmanly “I have no disagreement with your statement that not wishing the fool dead is a matter of basic decency. I agree absolutely.”


“The 2 statements together simply amount to BOTH wishing him dead and tolerating him are indecent—nothing more.”

Then you should have actually said that instead of framing your statement as a response. Look, it’s very simple: you made a statement that seemed inconsistent with other things you said. I asked you to clarify. And now you finally have. This would have been a lot easier if you had just answered my question right away (or been clearer in the first place).

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I didn’t and still don’t understand what you are talking about. I can’t understand the confusion, but that is indeed what I meant. I regard it as beneath me to wish Trump dead, and I mean it. But I also believe that acceptance of him is indecent in the extreme.

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I never doubted that you don’t wish Trump dead. You just responded in an odd way to my assertion that wishing people dead is not a good character trait to have—a way that looked like a criticism of me making that assertion—and then required three attempts to meet my request for clarification (and in fact didn’t succeed until I wrote out an alternative interpretation for you). That’s all there is to this tedious exchange.

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No criticism is intended and for the life of me, I keep reading that answer and cannot see how it is in any way implied. I state point blank that I don’t wish Trump dead. But IF the issue is basic decency, tolerance of him is indecent. Where is the inconsistency or contradiction?

SavoirFaire's avatar

@stanleybmanly “No criticism is intended and for the life of me”

Great. It looked like there might be, so I asked for clarification in case I was misunderstanding. Because sentences are unclear sometimes and misunderstandings happen. None of us are perfect communicators. But for some reason you tried to have a bizarre argument instead of just saying “oh, this is what I actually meant.”

“I state point blank that I don’t wish Trump dead”

And I have not once said or implied that you didn’t.

“But IF the issue…”

You didn’t say “if,” and you didn’t frame it as an addition until after I suggested that interpretation.

“Where is the inconsistency or contradiction?”

There was the appearance of one (to me at least), and so I asked for clarification. Which you eventually gave.

I’ll keep answering your questions as long as you ask them, but I seriously don’t understand why this exchange has to continue.

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I REALLY want to CLEARLY see the confusion. I don’t mean to drag the conversation out. You’re satisfied, but I remain baffled. But you are correct. It will just have to remain so. Take it easy.

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