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Why is the death penalty so expensive?

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) September 3rd, 2008

Just curious, I was reading on the expense of the amount it takes to take someones life. Just wondering why it is so expensive.

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I’d think it’s probably related to automatic appeals (in the US)...both the expense required to actually go through the appeals process and the additional costs to house the prisoner for the many, many years it takes for the appeals process to run it’s course.

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Great answer august, thank you!

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augustlan has it spot on.

If you’re really interested, and you’re a law or politics nerd like me, check out this report. It was compiled by the Washington State Bar Association, and analyzes the costs of state-sponsored murder (not subtle enough?) line-by-line.

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those darned convicted folks just refuse to go quickly and quietly….

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WEll i say we do like china does they just take them out to a feild and shoot them in the head its cheap and fast lol thats what i say but china also bills the family for the bullet to so thats even cheaper

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In the middle of writing an essay for this subject. There is an abundance of complaints about the death penalty costing so much more than life without parole. Don’t you think this is so because the inmates/criminals that are going into or already on death row get “special treatment?” So therefore, of course there’s a lot of money spent on capital punishment. Even court cases deciding death row costs EXTRA $$$. Execution of all five methods are also costly. I say go back to the old days and do some beheading; the only need for money is to buy the chopping thing ONCE, and pay the executioner. THAT’S IT

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