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Homebrewers: Can you suggest a whirlpool hop for a Summer cream ale?

Asked by gorillapaws (30675points) May 25th, 2020

I’m working on my first all-grain recipe. I’m trying to keep things simple with a basic 2-row + flaked corn base, 1oz 60-min bittering hops and I was hoping for a suggestion for a 1oz whirlpool addition. I’m looking for something that might add a little personality, like Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic. I’m trying to stay away from noble hops, or anything too piney/earthy and get a mild citrus or fruit character without stepping too far outside the style or adding any fruit/extracts.

The goal is a simple lawnmower beer with mild bitterness and a touch of personality. Do you have any good/bad experience with some of the hops I mentioned? Are there better alternatives I should consider instead? Any suggestions or comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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Cascade is citrusy and less piney.

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