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How has your taste in music changed over the years?

Asked by rockfan (11223points) 1 month ago from iPhone

What music did you like when you were younger? Do you still like it now? And is there any music that you’ve grown to like?

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My taste has expanded but hasn’t changed radically. Classical was the first genre I was exposed to and it’s mostly what I listened to until I was 8 and discovered pop music. From there, I just continued to explore more genres while maintaining a large classical collection. There are songs I used to like and now don’t think much of, but there haven’t been any radical changes. I still listen to pop, indie rock, electronica, and various sub-genres of classical. :)

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I use to listen to corpse-grinding death metal. Now I listen to Christ-raping black metal.

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The only change is I’m more able to listen to country music. I always liked a few country singers, but overall did not like the genre.

The change took place when about 15 years ago my husband bought a big pick-up truck and he would turn to the country music station and it cracked me up. Kind of pairing the music with bouncing around in that truck. Lol. That kind of warmed me up to it.

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I liked a lot of different types of music when I was a kid.
We listened to all kinds as everyone (but I) played an instrument of some sort and had varied interests.
I still like what I listened to back then.
There are different types for different activities.Yesterday was gardening with Amy Winehouse, then Miles Davis and the weight bench. For artwork, I put the MP3 on shuffle so I get the unexpected.
I definitely don’t like to listen to much country music, folk music also bugs me-except for Cat Stevens.
I had the radio on while throwing clay recently and that’s all they played.I couldn’t change the

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I listen to a lot more jazz now.
While my Father was a fan of Big Band, we didn’t have much jazz playing in the house, so I just wasn’t exposed to it.

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I moved from Miami to Kentucky when I was a kid, and I grew to like country music over the years. And today I consider country be one of my favorite genres. My relatives who still live in Miami think I’m crazy for liking country lol

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@rockfan The only music I never liked and still don’t is jazz. I’m not one to tune into country music, but I don’t mind listening like I used to. I love the song Jolene, and used to sing to 9–5 as a teen. Some Kenny Rogers too. The crossover songs.

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When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of pop, Carpenters, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Captain and Tennille. When I got to be a teen, my tastes morphed into what was known as New Wave – Depeche Mode, Psychedelic Furs, R.E.M., The Ramones, Devo, along with a lot of R&B and disco. I listened to stuff that was kind of obscure at the time – Afrika Bambaata, Morris Day and the Time, etc. In my 20’s, Freestyle was popular and I loved it.

Now, in my 50’s, I listen to anything from 70’s pop to 90’s rock (Nirvana, etc.) to heavy metal from the big hair days to disco to current stuff to whatever I find on the radio. I was never a fan of country but there are a few crossover songs that are tolerable.

I find that when a song comes out and gets heavy airplay on the radio, like Jackson Browne’s “Runnin on Empty” or Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton “Islands in the Stream” in the 70’s, I don’t enjoy it or appreciate it. Then decades later, like now, I like it better.

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I was weened on DooWop. Then there was Pop, Rock interspersed with some Easy Listening. As a young adult it was a lot of Rock with a tiny bit of Heavy Metal. By my 30’s I was a BIG time Country fanatic. After moving back home & having my stroke, my social life had changed so drastically that I didn’t listen to a lot of music; but when I did, it was still mostly country with a little bit of Rock every so often. Then I met my hubby & he was obsessed with the Blues. In no time, I had also fallen in love with the Blues as well as dabbling with some Jazz. I’m still pretty well wrapped up in the Blues because it takes me back to those wonderful days before my hubs passed. I have caught myself enjoying some Classic Rock lately because it takes me back to some memories of when I was younger & had an exciting life!!!

The ONLY music I’ve never really cared for was Opera & Rap although I have heard a few Rap songs that I did enjoy…couldn’t name them, but like when I hear them. In most instances when asked my preference in music, I reply I just love all music but Opera & Rap are NOT my favorites. Still when choosing, I lean toward the Blues most often!!!

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Grew up listening to a variety of music from around the world.
Now I prefer calm and quiet music in the background as I edit photographs, research etc
I liked Celtic music such as Enya a few years ago and still play her DVDs/ Her music had been used in major movies as well.
I Purchased music CD’s/Dvd’s that were used in major movie themes and I try to purchase them after I view a spectacular movie at times.

I tried “Sanctuary” A Spanish collection of Nature sounds etc

I used to actively listen to African music as well as Irish,Scottish,Italian,French as my friends would send me some while on there travels.

It is very interesting to listen to the World’s music.

I like movie soundtracks like :
The Hobbit ( Shire)
Star Wars
The Time Machine (2005 version)..Movie/DVD ( God Speed etc)

Also Hans Zimmer music

Numerous others but too long to list here.

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Sometimes when I’m cleaning or doing stuff in the house, I listen to the cable TV channel “Stage and Screen” which is all kinds of music from movie and show soundtracks.

In the car, when I’m traveling, I may listen to something I will listen to no place else, like some old obscure country or classical, or radio songs from the 30’s and 40’s that sometimes I recognize as things my grandmother used to sing to me when I was a child.

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It hasn’t, I listen to whatever I like regardless of trends.
If it sounds good is all that ever mattered.

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A little bit
I always love the Blues
Always love what they used to call smooth jazz

Always love the Beatles Stones etc stuff my parents loved

Still love Lady Gaga

Still love eccentric singer songwriters

But like beef and whole milk…I
have lost my taste for dark, mysoginistic metal and urban shit. It bothers my conscience.

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I’m into elevator music nowadays.

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Since the kids grew up, I have virtually no knowledge of or interaction with contemporary pop music.

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I read somewhere that people’s taste in music does not change much as they get older. I am still stuck in the 70’s. In particular, I don’t get hip hop. If it doesn’t have a melody, how can it be considered music?

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Plenty of other styles of music lack a prominent melody, but they’re still considered music. And most rap still has some elements of melody. Saying rap isn’t music because it doesn’t have a melody, is kind of like saying Picasso isn’t art because it’s abstract

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Not going to argue with you. Just giving my gut reaction. It just seems that if you can’t hum it, it can’t be music. I am sure a whole lot of people would violently disagree with me.

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Thinking about the music I used to hear on rock stations when I was in my early teens, before it was known as “Classic Rock” it was just rock, and to me it was very boring. The stations I listened to were NYC stations, WPLJ, WNEW, and a few others. I remember one of them used to have “Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Who Day” when all they’d play were those four groups, all day. Also, for holiday weekends, they’d have top 100 countdowns of the best songs, and the top #1 Song was always, always always either Stairway to Heaven or Free Bird. That’s why I started listening to R&B, Disco (during the “Disco Sucks” era) and New Wave/Punk.

Now, I when I listen to classic rock, (which, again, was just plain ole rock when I was a teen), I appreciate it and like it.

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@LostInParadise: Check out this classic Jay Z featuring Foxy Brown (or is it the other way around?).

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I now understand why my Mom couldn’t understand Rock!!!

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@LostInParadise I agree with you.
“Music is sound but only good sound is music” -unknown

I went to the “musical” called “Hamilton”. Paid a lot of money but walked out at intermission. No singing. No melodies. Just people debating (rapping) with each other while someone In the background was beating on a keyboard and pounding drums. Didn’t enjoy the digs on our founding Fathers either.

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My sister and my aunt saw Hamilton and they hated it, @gondwanalon. My sister is a millennial and my aunt is in show business, from the producing side, so they’re both people who would and could be appreciative of that show. I always wonder, if something is trendy, as Hamilton is, and if people pay a lot of money for it, and wait a long time to see it, as people often do with Hamilton, if people will tend to like something more than is warranted, just because.

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There are also people who are biased against something because of its popularity. It goes both ways.

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