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When you're in the store shopping, would you comment to someone if they're going the wrong way in a designated aisle or if they are not wearing a mask?

Asked by jca2 (8626points) 1 month ago

I see in local Facebook groups, there are a lot of people commenting and complaining about people wearing masks the wrong way or not wearing a mask. Also, they talk about yelling at people for walking the wrong way down an aisle designated for the opposite direction.

I experienced a woman telling me, when she and I were face to face in an aisle, that I was going the wrong way, and I said “no, you are” and then she laughed and said she realized she was wrong. I still found it annoying.

A friend told me yesterday she went down an aisle the wrong way and when she had a man in front of her, she apologized, and as he passed her, he made a comment about her going the wrong way.

Do you comment on people not wearing a mask, or wearing it the wrong way, or touching it, or going the wrong way down an aisle?

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No. If they don’t know by now, with all the comments, press, and social media buzz, what the appropriate protocols are, they are either A] fresh in from Mars or B] just too darned ruff ‘n’ tuff, selfish, and obnoxious to bother.

I just want to get in, do ,y business, and get out again as quickly as possible with the least amount of fuss and contact.

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People are stressed as is and to add comments unless in a kind way it makes it worse.

Mistakes can be made as some are not accustomed to this new way of shopping, so give them some slack.
Its not the end of the world if a person walks the wrong way up or down an aisle.

This Pandemic has made people paranoid and stressed at the slightest infringements.

Perhaps some use this crises to vent?

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Nope, never. I don’t bother strangers when I’m out in public, especially not in this judgmental “rat out your neighbor” way that’s in vogue right now. Go about your business and leave people alone.

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As someone who gets easily short of breath (especially when wearing a mask, which I do), if I’m only getting a few things, and one is at the end of an aisle but the arrows go the other way, I’m not going to walk all the way up the aisle next to it, then all the way down the correct one. I try to keep my distance from others though.

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Wow, there are groceries out there with rules on which side of the aisle to walk at? Haven’t been out grocery shopping for a while though so no idea if stores here have started doing the same.

Most likely I wouldn’t say anything if someone happens to be walking on the wrong side. I would just avoid him or her.

To someone who’s not wearing a mask, probably the same. Now this is if I’m alone. If there’s a senior nearby or a child I just might say WTF? In Chinese. Lol

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No, that would make me a twat & I’m not a twat.

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I don’t dare and I mean DON’T say a thing.

I live in a “open carry” state but some stick their gun in their pocket. Trump has them all tensed up.

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Avoid them. Confrontation just leads to escalation, there are too many on-edge crazies as it is.

I live my life – I’m not going to attempt to live someone else’s.

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I don’t say anything. I was appalled last week when buying a birthday cake to see an unmasked mother and daughter touching nearly every package on the shelf, and making me stand and wait while they tried to decide which one they wanted. JJ and I found a really fun cake on the top shelf which they hadn’t touched because it was so high up.

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I wouldn’t say anything. None of my business and I don’t care about the choices others make knowing full well the reasoning/consequences.

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I would never do that.

If I did it would indicate that I had become a fucking asshole.
And opinions about me on this site notwithstanding, in truth I am not there yet.

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No. People are just mean lately. They might slap me or shoot me.

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In our grocery stores we put plastic gloves on as soon as we enter the store, these are given free to every shopper to wear while shopping and trashed when we leave the store, so no contamination would happen on products unless someone were to cough etc onto that glove?

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Nope. I don’t make a habit of correcting stupid.

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Not worth it.

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I’d rack their shins with me shillelagh!

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I only have commented on wrong way one time when I was feeling overwhelmed, because so many people in that particular store were going the wrong way and coming right up on me and lots of people without masks. I know I have gone the wrong way, it’s so easy to make the mistake, but if I’m facing someone in an aisle I question myself, did I screw up? For me it’s more a matter of being able to tell if the other person has no regard for distancing or any of the current safeguards.

I was in that same store Saturday where half the customers weren’t wearing masks, most were in their 20’s and 30’s, some had kids with them, one couple seemed drunk, several seemed to be rushing through their shopping, it’s the second time in that store people seemed to not give a crap. I’m not going back there again. I feel really badly for the employees. Luckily, that store has mostly younger employees, not that I wish them any harm, but at least they are at lower risk. The grocery store that’s actually closer to me has mostly older people working, I’d guess 50% of the employees are over 65.

Mostly, how I feel is it’s not a good idea to confront people, ESPECIALLY the no mask people. Wrong way can just be a mindless accident and if they are wearing a mask they probably do care generally about doing the right thing. I just try to distance.

Plus, some people really can’t wear a mask. I just care that the majority of people are.

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Never and the vigilantes are almost as bad as the people who don’t care.

I noticed a sweet old woman wearing a mask the other day and she was pushing her cart the wrong direction down an aisle. I wondered if anyone would scold her or if people just scold those who they think are idiots.

Great answer @Demosthenes

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I’ve only commented to one person who was not wearing a mask and asked to come within inches of me, and I told her I’d rather her not do that, and she made a face but respected my physical space.

*My husband said my face was not as kind as I thought my response was. haha!

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This on the NYC news tonight, Staten Island (borough of NYC) shoppers kick woman out of store for not having a mask on: Warning if you’re at work, lots of cursing, NSFW:

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