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Is this another example of Trump asserting that he has powers that he doesn't?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28179points) 1 month ago

Today he threatened to move the Republican Convention from Charlotte, North Carolina to <somewhere, not specified>. His excuse is that the NC Governor (a democrat) can’t promise that the state will be open and safe by then.

Here’s an article

How will Trump get around the following?

1) the RNC has hotel and convention center contracts that legally bind them to Charlotte. Who will end up eating the cancellation fees?

2) Can Trump convince 50,000 Republicans to travel to NC or anywhere else (and sit shoulder-to-shoulder in an arena)?

3) What alternate city (a) has the ability to host a 50,000-person convention with lead time of three months? and (b) what other city wants to take on the risk of having all these potential visitors descend on that city?

Is this Trump blowhardedness again? Or is he serious?

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He just babbles.

He also tweeted we should open schools. The majority of the country’s s hook year ended or is ending in a week even if the schools had been open. It’s a nothing tweet I think the media should ignore it.

They should ignore moving the convention too and let the cities that really need to worry about it deal with it.

Does he have the power? I don’t think he has sole power, but he probably has some influence.

What city? I would bet money my governor (Florida) is offering holiday Orlando. Plenty of rooms, plenty of venues.

Will people attend? Probably a bunch of crazy Republicans will attend. I hope DeSantis, if it happens, or whichever governor, does something to make it “safer” in some sort of way. Maybe they test everybody who goes in and space people apart? Sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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Ten more GA’s @JLeslie ! !

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Later in the day he indicated that he will possibly choose a ballroom in Florida. Any guesses which one he’s considering???

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Is Huffington Post ever right about anything?

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@Yellowdog ok here is the article from fox News

Try answering the question next time.

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He’s God, he’s the king, and now he’s a doctor. Anything is possible.

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@JLeslie He just babbles but you and the press dare not ignore it. The fool
Is threatening to kill countless thousands of people.

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@stanleybmanly The press does not need to repeat for 48 hours on the hour that Trump tweeted open schools.

I don’t mean literally ignore Trump. They could diminish his words regarding schools by saying “school year is finished anyway it’s moot.”

They should be showing him doing his double talk but they tend not to because they want him to look all bad. The double talk is bad on its own.

I live here in Florida and MSNBC has made Governor out to be a “little Trump” and it endangers is here! The press has been right to challenge my governor when he was too slow to react to flights coming into my state and many things, but the press does not show DiSantis consistently telling people to distance, not to get together even in groups of ten for prolonged gatherings like dinner parties, and all of the advisories he gives.

People come to Florida thinking my governor is allowing a free for all and the republicans act that way. I want the residents of Florida and visitors to know we are still under advisories here by the governor because he plainly states covid is very contagious, he says over and over the examples of outbreaks during the choir practice (he even explains when singing our droplets are traveling farther for the idiots who can’t logically figure it out on their own) the example of large funerals, business conference causes big outbreaks. The press ONLY focusing on where they think he is fucking up puts me in danger.

My Republican friend who lives in PA but has a condo in Florida says she wants to move to Florida now because her Democrat Governor is horrible and Florida is open. She talks about Florida like there are no restrictions. There are restrictions.

Back to Trump. Trump lives attention and he laughs at the media and the citizenry as he put his comments out there and everyone feeds on it like piranha. It’s ridiculous.

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I’m surprised at all the ‘hair-on-fire’ comments. The Democrats are doing the same thing with all the same problems. They’ve already moved the date from July to August. Pelosi is recommending a much bigger stadium for their convention or making it a virtual convention. All the same problems apply to these moves. And yes, Trump is the leader of the party so he may need support for his plan but he has tremendous influence on what happens. Why is this controversial?

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@Jaxk I actually agree with you it is not controversial, except for NC who might lose revenue if the convention is moved. People just make something out of anything. Trump says it and it becomes big time media worthy in a way that I don’t understand. It certainly is worth reporting on as new information about a possible change in venue, but the attention around it is baffling to me. All I can gather is the attention is there because the governor of NC is a Democrat and they feel like Trump is making it political and trying to punish the governor.

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Milwauki will lose revenue if they move the DNC convention or make it a virtual convention. Scream about that. This whole thread is just another way to bad mouth Trump. For Christ’s sake think it through.

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^^Like I said, I basically agree.

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^^^ Sorry, I guess I’m letting my own irritability shine through.

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Wait a second. The 2 examples are nothing alike. The fool is openly threatening the governor of North Carolina with picking up his marbles and running to some less enlightened venue if not permitted to crowd thousands toward the concentrated infection of the state. The governor should openly and loudly tell the idiot to kiss his ass.

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I believe he did.

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That’s the governor’s choice. These events are expensive and time consuming. If the environment is friendly they move ahead. If not they move it. Both parties are deciding whether to move their conventions or cancel. Spin it as you will, it doesn’t change the fact.

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Why were the Republicans having the convention there in the first place?

An openly anti-Trump governor, an openly anti-Trump mayor, and a promise to keep everything shut down (restaurants, hotels, etc).

The city of Charlotte doesn’t want to accommodate Trump or the convention. It would be a conflict of interest, and they do not deserve the money.

Just a few things the Huffington Puffington Post didn’t mention, Have they EVER gotten anything right, balanced, or actually informative?

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^^I think NC is seen as a swing state now so that probably plays into why they pick that state. There are other swing states around though.

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Listen to @JLeslie instead of shooting the hip with ZERO knowledge @Yellowdog !

You don’t have to to politicize everything; what would happen if the state shutdown like it is and it was GOP governor????? JEEZ

The governor is trying to avoid having 50,000 or more people some coming from areas that are COVID-19 hot spots.

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Not only hotspots, but republicans are more likely to not wear masks or abide by recommendations for social distancing. I am sure the president will be superprotected if they do this convention. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up plexi glass in front of the stage to completely separate him from the audience.

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trump carried NC in 2016 mainly due to the Charlotte area. he doesn’t care anything about what happens to the citizens of NC & he cares even less for the state of NC. he’s just posturing because it makes him feel good about himself!!! NC had a rep governor until he became so freakin crooked that even the reps could no longer vote for him. Still they carried trump over the finish line. It’s not like every voter in NC is a Yellow Dog Democrat

NC has a high number of covid cases & they are just now begiinig to get things back under some form of control. Any governor worth his salt wouldn’t want to lose that battle. Just like trump can assure NC that the convention won’t be bringing covid with them, Cooper can’t assure that he’ll be ready to blindly infect the citizens of NC!!!

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Trump is the head of the Republicans. He certainly has the power to move the convention, but may have to pay hefty fees for cancellation.

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@filmfann. He also needs to find someplace else that wants to host it and potentially get the employees in that City sick as well.

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