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Is anyone watching today's historic SpaceX launch?

Asked by gorillapaws (24915points) 1 month ago

SpaceX is launching 2 astronauts to the International Space Station today (weather permitting). This will be the first launch of humans from the US since the last shuttle mission in 2011. Here’s the live feed. Are you following today’s launch? What are your thoughts on public (NASA)/private (SpaceX) partnerships for space travel? Are you excited for the future of space travel?

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Not yet, will turn it on in about 90 minutes.

I think it’s a damn shame that the US gave up on the space program for twenty years.

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Thanks for mentioning it. i had no idea it was happening.

It looks like they’d be happier with some more inches between their faces and the screens in front of them…

I could do without all the talk about private enterprise and industry though… turning off.

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I hope to, in about 50 minutes. (And counting…)

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Fantastic! Thank you!!

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I’ll be watching. I’ll turn on NASA TV on my Roku at 4:20 PM. One minute from now!

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Well that was anti-climatic…

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It stated that it was scrubbed and another attempt will be on sat 3 pm there time.

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Scrubbed due to weather. Oh well. Saturday it is.

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But a positive distraction nonetheless! Cheers me up.

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Was looking forward to it.

Always had slight misgivings about a civilization that sends people to the moon and then loses interest. Good to see it unfolding, the delay notwithstanding.

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It was called off until Saturday, so no, didn’t watch it.

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I was busy, but might be able to catch it live on Saturday. If I have to watch later that’s really the just about as good.

Though I watched the first Falcon Heavy launch live, with the Tesla payload and Starman in the driver seat. It brought tears to my eyes how it all worked so well.

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No. I’m going to the airport to watch airplanes take off and land.

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T-12 minutes!

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I am watching on CNN.

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This is so exciting!

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Yes and for prosperity and my own diary I took pictures of the whole process showing my living room TV images .
Can hardly wait until 9 am Sunday for return.
This is an Historic moment.

I didn’t like the ticker tape showing the chaos in the world at the same time, which reminds me of the 1960’s riots in the streets as well when the first successful trip to the moon launched.

We are all apart of history and one day in our late 90’s or 100 years or more of age our Grant Grandchildren will ask where were we and how did we see this Historic moment in time?

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I caught the launch live. That was reassuringly routine-looking. I just watched video of the docking (it happened ten hours ago). It has to be so gentle. Fascinating.

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