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If a UFO were to land in the US, would the aliens be more likely to choose cities (urban areas) or some place out in the country?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28178points) 1 month ago


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On one of Trumps golf courses.

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Depends on so many things.

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Choose for what? For landing?
For attack? To look for jobs?

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It depends upon their purpose.
If they are here to send a message, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” they would probably pick a flat spot in an urban setting. Whitehouse Mall, Central Park Tiananmen Square, Red Square.

If they are here to steal our women and suck their blood, “Attack of the Giant Leeches”, they’d probably pick someplace rural.

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We always assume that they will have the same type of intelligence and motivations that we do. They may not be interested in us at all and choose to focus on something like octopi or cuttlefish.

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Here’s a short video that shows why they shouldn’t land in a rural area. The Landing

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I have seen them in rural areas and in the ‘burbs. Never seen one in a major city. Could be the light pollution, could be I don’t like big cities. As to where they would land, I guess that would depend on what they were looking to do. If they wanted to study plant and animal life, probably not a city. If they were looking to make contact, probably closer to a city. But landing in a city could present problems as well…size of craft, open area without obstructions, etc.

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@seawulf, seriously? You were in the Navy, but you don’t know anchoring offshore, and sending a liberty launch?
That’s what they would do if they wanted to make contact.

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@Patty_Melt Yeah, but for some reason I don’t see them using the Muni parking lot to land in. Not to mention, I suspect that if they are advanced enough to cross the stars, they are wise enough to recognize the danger of a scared mob. Landing in the middle of a crowd would put them in a really odd position. I might like to study wolves, but wouldn’t start by jumping into the middle of the pack.

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A landing is a landing, whether pier, or parking lot. You don’t put your vessel in jeopardy. You anchor out, and send a captain’s barge and maybe an escort.

Space aliens would anchor out, where the gittin’ would be good if they needed to git. Maybe behind the moon, or between Earth and sun, so we couldn’t see the ship for the light.

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Suppose they turn out to be gecko sized. Suppose they came from a system with a dying sun, and they seek permission to relocate here. They might be quite hesitant to and without prior permission. You know, “Sir, request permission to come aboard.” After some schmoozing, then they could land mother ship, or fleet, whatever they have.

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I mentioned in a different thread the idea that Gumby and Pokey were actually alien scouts, sent to see what our society looked like. That might be more like what an landing looked like.

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I had Gumby. My brother had Pokey.
Gawd, how cute would that be? A few million of them moving in.
They could reside in people’s attics, and earn their keep doing battle with mice, bugs, rats, bats, and whatever else tries to get in without permission.

I’m starting to have poetic imagery.

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Some place out in the country that was akin to their homeland.

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@Patty_Melt I think most kids had Gumby or Pokey or both. But the weird part is that with as many of these little cuties running around (since just about every kid had one), except for the few that were chewed up by the dog, no one can remember what ever happened to them. They all snuck out to report back to the Mother Ship.

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True story.

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My Gumby was hit about 1000 times with my Daisy Scout BB gun. The BBs would ricochet all over but fortunately never knocked my eye out.
Where did Gumby go? Clearly to his ship to escape from a 10 year old flinging steel shot.

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I have the answer to the Gumby mystery. AND why our fearless leader wants to go to the Moon!!!
The answers are in this 1958 movie: Missile to the Moon! (Included free on Amazon Prime)

Save time by skipping to 32:30 and watch until 41:00! Well worth the 8½ minutes!

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