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Have you ever operated a motor vehicle without insurance?

Asked by KNOWITALL (23534points) 1 month ago

If so, why? Can you justify it?

If not, what circumstance could you see leading to that?

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When I was taking lessons. I don’t know if I was covered.

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@RedDeerGuy1 For this, I mean intentionally and knowingly. You’re good!

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Don’t do it !

Most states require proof of insurance coverage. Printed or on your smart phone.

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Yes. No money. But that was long ago!

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Yes, back in the mid 80s. I just couldn’t afford it. I would have been assigned risk because of a DUI in 1981.

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I was insured and then my insurance company refused to continue insuring me because I had had three minor speed-trap speeding tickets over a period of some number of years. Policies by other companies at that point seemed unaffordable.

BTW, I also think it’s a corrupt racket and moral outrage that there is a law that requires insurance coverage. I think it indicates that many things are broken if/when a society thinks that it makes complete sense to arrange its liabilities that way.

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From the late 70’s to the early 80’s, my car was burglarized 3 times. Even though my car was locked and all my windows were fully closed during each burglary, Farmer’s dropped me.

I thought, “Screw it, I’m tired of paying premiums anyway.”, so I went about 3 years without any coverage.

During that time I didn’t have any accidents, and I saved about $1,500.

I finally got covered by State Farm in 1984, and I’ve been insured ever since, although I’m now covered by Mercury.

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I have, financial reasons.

I am in agreement with @Zaku.

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I’ve had insurance expire and not know it. This was decades ago. I think I went a month and a half without insurance.

Now my insurance and other bills are paid directly from my bank account or billed to credit card, so this never happens.

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No. Proof of insurance is required to register a vehicle.

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I had a lapse in insurance due to depression (not opening my mail) and lack of funds. I don’t recall how long… maybe a month or two. I don’t recall the details well, but I turned in my plates for the same amount of time that I was uninsured and then was able to obtain insurance and drive my car again.

Other than not being able to drive for awhile, I am very fortunate that there were not negative consequences.

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I had a snafu last year, and they cancelled me and refunded me. As soon as I received notification, I immediately called and paid the same amount they had refunded. Exasperating.

My family was very strict on being legal at all times, but on Live PD and other court shows, so many people don’t have insurance, I was just curious. It doesn’t ever seem to work in their favor to let it lapse.

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No. l would never want to risk it, hopefully I never have to. Even when renting a car I won’t let someone else move the car down the driveway if they aren’t listed on the car rental. My husband’s family thinks I’m paranoid and nuts.

I did drive my parents’ car twice without permission and unlicensed. It was my boyfriend “making me do it.” I never would have done such a thing without him pushing me, I try to resist, but gave in. I almost got in an accident the second time, I took a turn too fast, swerved out of my lane, lots of oncoming cars, but the moment I lost control happened to be a break in the traffic going the opposite direction. I was 15 years old with no real experience driving, and trying to keep up with following my boyfriend who was driving too fast for me. Not only was I inexperienced but he was in a Porsche and I was in a Duster, and his car could take curves at a faster clip. We weren’t going that fast, but it was still too fast for me at the time. I didn’t know to slow down a lot before the curve.

My husband drives “uninsured” on the racetrack. Our insurance doesn’t extend to racing. I’m not sure if there is racing insurance? There is track insurance if you are just going around fast and not competing.

Have you ever watched Judge Judy regarding court cases when people have no car insurance? She’s brutal.

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@JLeslie Yes, I love court shows and Cops and Live PD. I just never realized so many adults disregarded legal requirements for operating a motor vehicle. Mind-boggling.

My husband teases me about Judge Judy, because she is really mean and I love her.
One court case, this man had children from a previous marriage, then had more with a new woman. He was asking for child support to be modified, etc… Judy said, “Why is it your children’ fault that you decided to make more children when you couldn’t afford the first batch?” He lost his case, of course, but she is hilarious in her no-nonsense delivery. Reminds me of my grandmother.

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No. Car insurance was right up there with food and cigarettes for me!
Seems like everybody on Judge Judy drives without insurance.

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@KNOWITALL My husband records it. I don’t like how mean she can be sometimes, but I watch with him sometimes.

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@KNOWITALL…and it’s not even so much as the “legal requirement” as “WTF is wrong with you for driving around with no insurance?”

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@Dutchess_III Agreed. Huge risk.

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It’s just like wearing seat belts. I don’t wear a seatbelt out of fear of getting a ticket. I wear it because it’s utterly stupid not to.

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