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Would you refuse to shop online because of covid-19?

Asked by Joyforjoy (88points) 1 month ago

Seems the virus spread seriously all over the world, did the virus issues affected into your area? Do you still shop online?

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No, it is safe.

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If anything my online purchases have increased slightly. I am trying to avoid products made in China for economic, Covid, quality, and counterfeiting reasons.

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No, if anything I may be shopping online slightly more. I’m trying to avoid Amazon & items made in China, though.

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No. Nothing can stop me.

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I still order stuff online. Got a motherboard coming in from Amazon today.

But I am just buying less overall. Gotta spend less to destroy the economy so we can get a new President soon. <- Not Joking

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No, I’m now doing most of my shopping online because Dr Fauci said it is safer. The virus doesn’t cling to the cardboard boxes like it does to physical store shelving. Even if by chance the virus transfers to the box at the shipping location it is supposed to die before it makes it to the destination. I’m being more vigilant about not buying anything from China; but otherwise, I’m doing my best to help keep the economy up and going

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Going to local stores right now is riskier, way too many knuckeheads not wearing a mask out there.
I do patronize my local hardware store faithfully, but they are a mixed bag about safety.

Online stores may or may not be working safely, but by the time the package gets to me, contagion is dead.

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I’m not refusing but I’m not shopping much. One shipment for Mothers Day is all I’ve done online in the last few months. I feel an obligation to shop locally once reopened to help them out, so I’m practicing self-restraint.

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Exactly the opposite. The disease has driven tens of millions to the internet to avoid circulating in public at brick & mortar outlets.

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Most people I know are shopping more online now than before.

I’m not shopping much. I did buy a couple of things online to be delivered and as usual half the stuff is not great. I have terrible luck online.

I one time did Walmart online for pick-up. It worked out pretty well. Some things aren’t available online. Great time saver though, and seems safer.

Covid is here where I live. Right now the cases are very low. You never know when it might change though. We have plenty of people who travel in and out of my community and surrounding cities for tourism and to visit family.

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@JLeslie You are not the only one with terrible luck online. It’s a running joke in my house that anything I order will show up busted, cheap-looking, etc…

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I was buying more houseware stuff recently online because I painted the dining room and needed some things, but didn’t want to be strolling around stores much. Daughter is having a birthday and had some requests, so I ordered a few things from Amazon for her, However, clothing, I’ve bought less of recently as I’ve been home, working from home.

I get about a package or two a week.

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Just got a box shipped from the UK to here in the US. Been days so I’m not concerned with the package inside, just with the box the delivery guy held. Washed my hands thoroughly after bringing out my cool Stegosaurus model. : )

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Our online shopping, simply for convenience, had been increasing for a couple years prior to COVID-19. Now, it’s all we do.

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No. I’m not seeing much evidence that it spreads through packages. I’ve been shopping online much more frequently since this pandemic started.

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I’m more worried about whether the workers involved in getting me whatever I’ve ordered are being given adequate protection than I am about catching anything from an order—they are much more at risk than I am as a customer in an online purchase.

Most local shops have made curbside pick up available, and/or have gotten rid of shipping costs, so it’s possible to continue to support the local economy.

I’ve written little notes in the “comments” sections of the online orders thanking whoever is looking at it and wishing them well. I tend to get comments back in return, and to my delight, there is sometimes even a pun involved.

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I’m shopping a little more online, but I worry less about that than in person stuff.

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Why would it affect my online shopping?

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I’ve been buying more online. I try to avoid Amazon and go directly to sellers of the product.

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“I try to avoid Amazon and go directly to sellers of the product.”

Me too. I’ve successfully avoided buying anything via that oligarchical octopus, for about 20 years.

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I take extra precautions with packages and mail received. I accept taking whatever route legally necessary to get my needs and wants in hand- in person or online, sure!

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