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Why does voting by mail bother Trump so much?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18716points) 1 month ago

They keep proving the fraud he keeps complaining about just isn’t there.
During this Pandemic seems like a safe way to vote.

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It would mean that everybody gets to vote and that busloads of voters can’t be blocked from getting to the polling places. He’s a control freak and he would lose his control. The virus is going to disappear by November so it won’t be necessary. Pick one

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Higher turnouts favor Democrats. It’s just that simple.

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It means more people would vote and apparently that’s bad for Republicans, though I’ve seen studies that indicate mail-in voting doesn’t benefit any party.

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It doesn’t. He just knows it is a Republican dog whistle, he knows it stirs them up and energizes them. It’s an old topic. Trump throws pasta on the wall and watches what sticks. Build the wall, lock her up, mail-in voting, open the churches. Blah blah blah. It’s genius.

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The GOP advisors believe that the Democrats would win across the board using mail in ballots,

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Doubt if it really bothers him. What would bother him is if no one pays attention to anything he does.

Everyone should realize by now this orange worm feeds and thrives on chaos.

Dead Americans? Instead of feeling sincere sadness, remorse, regret, shame and embarrassment, he uses them to his political advantage.

I’m not really sure who is more deplorable, him or his fans.

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That is an interesting thought^^^ who is more deplorable The Don Father, or his faithful fans?

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@mazingerz88 @SQUEEKY2 What Howard Stern says about Trump supporters. Link

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He isn’t afraid, but he wants all others to be afraid.

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I’ve gotten other folks’ mail-in ballots myself—- and we’ve had many elections where mail-in votes were found ‘late’ or were lost.

A better question would be—why does the left want to insist that we engage in this—why no voter I.D.s, illegal aliens voting if they are part of the ‘community’—etc etc.

It is much easier to rig an election with mail-in votes—and this isn’t a fear you are going to quell from mainstream America. The reason it is feared by the ‘right’ is because the right do not rig elections. In every case where the ballots have been found ‘late’ or in polling place closets, swinging the results of elections, the results have always favored the left.

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Or maybe Russia can’t rig mail in ballots in favour of Trump like they can with the computer voting machines?^^

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It seems like its gerrymandering.

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@SQUEEKY2 Why would Putin want Trump to win?

Russia already had strong ties with Hillary from her Secretary of State position, and her Russian Reset efforts. They even sold her a dossier about Trump.

Hillary can be bought, and Trump is unpredictable.

Ask yourself a simple question. Who is harder for Russia to work with? Trump or Hillary?

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Ask yourself which is harder for America to work with? Which of the 2 is the empty headed crude and tasteless practical joke?

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@Yellowdog Once again you forget the “One on One” with no USA citizens in the room with Trump and Putin. Oh and the look when Trump comes out, he looks like he got the snot beat out of him.

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Just look at what has already happened.
Cancelled treaties.
Started trade war against supposed allies.
Backing out of agreements hours after signing them due to perceived personal slights, thusly exposing the complete unrealiability and untrustworthiness of the colonies.
Withdrawal from the WHO.
Questioned and according to Bolton, could decide to leave NATO if reelected.
100.000 dead from Corona due to his incompetence.
Unemployment increased to 15%.
Riots in multiple cities.

Russia’s greatest Rival since Nazi Germany is self destructing in record time, simply due to the leader appointed by the EC.
Masterfully played by Putin.

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@Yellowdog “Why would Putin want Trump to win?”

Since taking office Trump has, at an astonishing pace, managed to destabilize the United States, weaken our standing in the world, rack up record deficits, wiped his ass with international treaties international defensive pacts like NATO, and erode our allies’ trust and confidence in the United States. All while distracting the American people with his daily mouth shartings.

Trump is working out beautifully for Putin.

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@Yellowdog , you think Hilary would have done Putin’s bidding more than Trump has done?
Putin rigged the election for Trump, if you can’t see that that is your problem.

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You really want to make people believe that, but no evidence has supported that. If there were, Trump could be deposed very easily.

You are aware, aren’t you, that the DOJ is currently probing the origins of the Russia hoax.

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Frankly speaking, I’m not sure that you’re really one to talk about evidence or awareness. Considering how frequently your claims and perceptions clash with the real world.

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Reality is a distant station, it is a far far away !

Is this what you are talking about @Yellowdog?

Barr Doesn’t Expect Russia Probe To Lead To Criminal Investigation Of Obama Or Biden.

Two weeks ago.

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Getting a little a way from the topic, @Yellowdog complained he received voting ballots in the mail, the mail lost ballots and some were late, that sounds like a mail problem not a voting issue with C-19 here and the election coming up mail in ballots to registered voters seems like a safe way to vote, but The Don Father has a big problem with it stating voting fraud which has been proven to be little to none with mail in voting.

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^^Anyone with a rational human brain is capable of recognizing why trump wants to suppress votes by taking the right of Americans to do it by mail.

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I agree I was hoping some of his extreme followers would agree as well.

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