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How much will you charge for bringing astronauts to space if you can fly like Superman?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28587points) May 31st, 2020 from iPhone

Think I heard Russia charges 85 million for bringing astronauts to space each time. How much will you charge?

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Even if Superman can fly without the need for oxygen and environmental things such as warmth (to keep the blood from freezing in outer space), passengers from Earth would need supplementary oxygen, space suits, food, drink, and waste management.

Therefore, my costs would have to roughly equal the cost of creating a safe environment for my passengers. I don’t know if 85 million is in the right ballpark,but it sounds reasonable.

Unless of course my goal is to launch passengers and have them die ten miles up.

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Depends on who wants to go.
If drumpf wants to go to space, I would take him there for free. Into a rapidly decaying orbit.

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Competitive bidding only. The bottom starting bid would be the maximum offered by others. As superman, I know my worth, and guarantees are assured.

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Competitive bidding isn’t a panacea for things that are complex.

You may get the cheapest, but what corners did they cut to build it cheaply? On a sophisticated thing like a rocket, expertise ought to come first, not price.

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I’m pretty sure Russia has not taken any astronauts to space.

Is that 85M in USD?

Since I am replacing their fuel, they would still have to provide their equipment and environment.
I would charge a dollar per mile, like cabbies.

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So much it wouldn’t be practical. What is Superman? A public bus???

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Depends what you consider value for entering Uranus…

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