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Why can't more cops think like this?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10234points) 1 month ago

Flint MI sheriff Chris Swanson confronted protesters telling them that he agreed with them & that he was expecting a peaceful protest. He said that he wanted a parade not a protest. To put forth his expression of good faith, he laid down his baton as the crowd asked him to walk with them so he did. He also offered to walk all night with them if that’s what they wanted. He explained that his deputies loved people & one of his deputies loved hugging people if they needed a hug.

Here’s one video & here’s another video of the walk. He even posed for selfies with some of the protesters.

When the walk was over, there were NO split heads, NO eyes put out with rubber bullets, NO burning vehicles, NO looting, nor any of the violence shown in other areas of the country. He didn’t need the National Guard & everybody went home in one piece feeling peace!!!

I’m impressed with his way of thinking. Do you think that this way of confronting protesters would work more than once???

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Boy! No masks! No distancing – but otherwise, it looks great. I have seen photos and read stories of other districts like the protest in Coral Gables, Florida where the whole police department took a knee and asked forgiveness of the protesters.

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^ I hadn’t seen nor heard that one, but I like it as well!!!

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I think most cops think like that. Hard for me to assume that most cops would willfully kneel on the neck of someone in handcuffs. Or am I being naive?

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@mazingerz88 I do not think most cops would do that.

Also this is awesome. Cops are humans too, they don’t want to be clumped in with the assholes.
Beautiful video. love to see it

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@mazingerz88 I know some cops think like that. I know a lot of cops wouldn’t have chosen the actions that this cop chose. At the same time, there were 3 that did or said NOTHING to difuse the situation!!! I dated a guy back in the late 70’s, early 80’s who had quit his job. When he was hired for his next job, they required all new hires to go to training at their school which was out of state. They paired all new hires by location so they could ride together. The guy he was to ride with lived in an area very unfamiliar to me. He had to meet him at 4:00 am so they could be at the school on time. I had apparently taken a wrong turn & couldn’t find the place where they were to meet. I saw 2 teens walking nearby & stopped to ask them if they knew where the place was. The guy said I can’t tell you how to get there, but I can show you. My bf unlocked his door & let the 2 into the car. I turned the corner of the next building & cops were all over us. One cop opened my door & politely asked me to step out. Another opened my bf’s door & as my bf turned to get out he started screaming “don’t move, stay where you are”. My bf complied & then the cop grabbed him by his shirt & drug him out of the car into the parking lot. My bf kept trying to look up to see if I was OK. Every time he lifted his head his cop kicked him in the head & ground his face into the pavement. Then he walked over to me, took out his gun & placed it right between my eyes & asked me if I was ready to die. Fortunately for me, the cop that had me get out of the car came over & told him “I’ve got this one, you get the 2 out of the back seat.” He helped them out of the car & even asked them if they were OK. They lied & said that we had forced them into the car. I kept explaining to my cop that we were lost & trying to find a specific location to meet a coworker so the could go for training & the 2 in the back said they could show us where were going. The other cop kept walking over & kicking my bf & yelling at me even though I was saying nothing. My cop finally called another in the group over & told him to go get the witness so maybe they could clear up who was who.When the witness got there, he told the cops that he had never seen me or my bf. My bf was 6’ 5” & the witness said I told you the guy who robbed me was about 5’8” so this is definitely not him. Then he looked at he 2 that had been in the back & said that’s the 2 that robbed me. When all was said & done, my cop apologized to me & helped my bf to his feet asking him if he needed any doctor’s care. He arrested the 2 kids & let me & my bf go even telling us how to get to meet his ride. Neither of us are black, so our color had nothing to do with the one cop’s attitude. He just seemed to be pissed off at the world that night.There were 4 other cops besides the one taking care of me & not one of them tried to stop the PO’d cop from kicking & stomping on my bf. Even when he was threatening to shoot me, not one of the 4 said anything to diffuse the situation. Only the 1 cop did what he could without making things worse.

I fully believe that there are a lot of good cops out there, but it’s the assholes that creates the problems & the good ones fear making the bad ones loo bad!!! I find your thinking right in some ways & naive in others.

In the Floyd situation, that cop had 17 complaints filed against him; so, I’m seeing a cop who had let his power go to his head & who was willing to do anything to prove that he had ALL the power!!!

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There was no distancing and the officers weren’t wearing masks; however, many of the protesters were wearing face masks. I have seen several videos today show officers around the nation kneeling in solidarity and, for me, that was a sight to behold especially in Queens

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I don’t know :D

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I also think most cops are like this.

At least in spirit even if they don’t stand up and actively make a display of it like the one here, but I think most people (and most police officers) are good people. But when you are in a position of authority “most” is insufficient and it takes more than solidarity to right a wrong, you need to hold your own accountable with action and protect the people you are supposed to be serving. I have seen many examples of protesters and police connecting in powerful ways over the past few days, I would love to see more of that because I believe it IS the norm. I believe that’s how most people feel even if they don’t act on it, but being shown that would serve a different purpose than what these protests are about. They are a good reminder of our common humanity which we desperately need right now more than almost anything, but there also needs to be accountability of those in positions of authority. Bigtime.

I also don’t think that protesters need “confronted.” I posted this elsewhere, but I don’t believe that the majority of these riots are being started by protesters. I believe there are protesters and there are rioters/provocateurs. I feel there is good evidence to support that and even if there were not, I still think they should be separated into different categories. The overwhelming majority of these protests have been peaceful and the message still matters and while solidarity is part of it, it doesn’t change the underlying issue. This isn’t something that can be glossed over with hugs, but it’s a positive move.

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It illustrates what I believe that people should pay closer attention to.

Protesters who want to march, chant, carry signs, give speeches etc. are important in America. It is a way to find out what is on people’s minds and act accordingly. Most police understand and respect that and will let them have their say.

When others, who probably are not protesting anything but instead are trying to get free liquor and TV’s, start burning and looting, the police act accordingly.

Certainly a couple of bad cops make all cops look bad, just like a couple of bad soldiers make them all look bad.

But generally speaking, most police are inclined to give people some leeway as long as they don’t endanger lives and property. If they do endanger lives and property, everything changes.

It was the protesters who used good judgement that are to be commended, even more so than one of many decent cops.

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@josie Excellent points there!!!

Saddest words I’ve ever heard…
You have to dominate or you’ll look like a bunch of jerks, you have to arrest and try people
Shit floats down hill!!!

Senator Tim Scott, currently our ONLY black Senator, was just bragging this morning how he had a convo with his leader yesterday that will help to stop inciting the protesters. I wonder what he’s thinking now???

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@LadyMarissa I think what that deranged cop did to you was horrible. Wish he got reported or even sued for placing his gun between your eyes and making that threatening remark.

Also it’s sad, tragic and dangerous when other cops choose to not say anything when there is someone in their group that is showing signs of mental instability.

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My family history includes a “cop” or two, maybe even a ranger. Good people, overall!

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There are a lot of good cops out there, but they don’t make the news

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I don’t know the answer, but my experience with police has run about 50/50 good and bad. And I’m a little old white lady! Those aren’t good odds by anyone’s standards! I feel for any minority who has the misfortune to deal with them. Considering what I’ve experienced, I’m wondering if I might have better luck with knocking on a stranger’s door for assistance during a difficulty. Below is a short list of good and bad behavior that I’ve experienced:

The good: Police have helped me in accidents, given me directions, been courteous drivers, explained the law, and in general behaved the way you’d expect them to do.

The bad: I was threatened with jail by a state police officer because I tried to report threatening behavior by a DMV employee! When I tried to contact them about the matter, nobody could be bothered to respond, and they made it quite clear that anybody who showed up at the police station without their permission would be arrested. After six weeks of calling daily I finally found somebody who answered the phone, And I told them that if they did not find somebody to call me back within 40 minutes I would be down there with the media to observe me being arrested for trying to report a crime. That got results and I got a call within 20 minutes.

I have been tailgated by more police officers than I could count.

I have observed how a cop who is the father of eight children would put his 13 year old kids in police holds to discipline them. He Is the worst sort of narcissist, and seems to enjoy causing his kids anxiety and grief. I know this because the children have told me of many such instances. When his behavior was reported to CPS they sided with the dad/cop (of course). In the meantime “dear ol’ dad” continues to rise up through the ranks.

I was falsely accused and ticketed for running a red light, and the cop was directly behind me. It was quite calculated on his part. He was threatening and condescending in his attitude toward me.

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