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For those conspiracy theorists here, which theories stand up to scrutiny? (P&R)

Asked by KNOWITALL (23534points) 1 month ago

Many conspiracy theories abound currently in America by various people/ groups.

Whether it’s George Floyd’s death and/or protest, Covid, the tariff war, etc…what do you think the end goal is that would explain all the recent events here in the US, and what they are building up to?

Bonus lurve if you can make a cogent, compelling argument with back up sources.

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Epstein was murdered.
That’s all I got.

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During a declaration of war the states can dip into social security income.

The war on terror and real wars were stretched out, or outright permitted, to milk the social security accounts.

Sorry I can find any links. I just heard it on the Canadian news 20 years ago.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’d definately be interested in sources.

What I do know is that Obama told us to get 401k’s and IRA’s (and gave us tax breaks for doing so) because SSI is underfunded for the growing elderly population of Boomers.


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@KNOWITALL Did George W. Bush ‘borrow’ from Social Security to fund the war in Iraq and tax cuts?
I didn’t read all of it. I’ve been up all night. I’m napping till my groceries arrive.

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The one conspiracy theory I would really like to have solved is the assassination of JFK and the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald.

57 years later there is still something that stinks about it.

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What I do know is that Obama told us to get 401k’s and IRA’s (and gave us tax breaks for doing so)

The tax breaks for 401Ks and IRAs were written into law in the 1970s.

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Epstein & Maxwell we’re working for Mossad.

Everyone knows something stinks with the Einstein story. There are ties to the state of Israel, and there are shifts in foreign policy favorable to Israel (from various western nations) that coincide with Epstein’s alleged activities. It’s certainly far from concrete proof, but it seems like one plausible hypothesis that would explain many things.

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@Call_Me_Jay He looked in the camera and said we should all get these accounts and use our own money, because there is a retirement crisis coming. You know, the MyRA thing in the State of the Union. I actually appreciated the honestly supported by facts, whether MyRA was the solution or not.

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“Mostly false”.

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@elbanditoroso, I have carried a weird chunk of that around in my head for many years. I was seventeen, and living at the Y in Ottumwa, Iowa. There was an odd man who could frequently be seen walking around downtown. What was odd, was he looked like he got up one day to go to work, and never made it there. His clothes were suits, but shabby. He kept his hair cut decent, and he never bugged anyone for coins. I was walking by the library one day, nowhere in particular. I saw him sitting on a bench. I decided to sit and have a chat. The man was convinced that if the CIA found him, he’d be dead. Well,that sounds cuckoo, but I was up for stories, so I lowered my voice, and asked him why.
He said that years before, not long after JFK was shot, he was recruited as part of a special investigation unit. They built a secret duplicate of that part of the parade route in Florida. Everything was to scale. They went through all the documentation, and did repeated reenactments. He said that they concluded that no way Oswald was the shooter, and at least two different shooters had to be involved. He figured Oswald had been hired or coerced, but chickened out, and backups did the deed. The location was stripped, their findings were tucked away, and his team started disappearing. The ones not dead, were labeled psycho, and they went away forever.
Some days I believe it, some days I don’t. The man seemed crystal clear as he told me. That was forty or so years ago, and I still don’t have a verdict.

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@Patty_Melt that guy’s story is as plausible as anyone else’s. I’ve read some (not a ton) about the assassination and the official explanation just doesn’t fit well to me. But I don’t have any facts to disprove it.

I’ll say this – if it was a conspiracy and it wasn’t Oswald, the ‘powers’ whoever they are, have done a hellaciously good job of keeping things buttoned up for all these years.

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That every stage of the colonial justice system will do their utmost to lie, distort, and omit the truth, and conspire with each other, to ensure that corrupt cops will walk away with minimal repercussions.
For example, this second, independent autopsy that contradicts the official police coroner

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